Monday, June 28, 2010

Company's coming

I'm nearly done with the shopping bag that is soon to be my new library bag.  I can't find the canvas bag I usually use.  I don't think I took it down to Indiana with me and I'm sure I didn't leave it since we went over the room we kept our stuff in and there was nothing left there.  It might be in the car but who would know under all the clutter left over from the trip.

At any rate, I need a new bag for my books so I'm delegating this one for it.  I'm even going to add a pocket specifically for my card so I don't have to dig it out of my wallet.

I'm trying to get the house cleaned up before tomorrow afternoon since the priest is coming over for a visit.  To be honest, I'm dreading it because I don't want to explain my reasons for not going to church anymore.  Tom asked me about it today and I finally fessed up that I don't intend to go to any church anymore.  I think it stunned him a bit as I haven't talked to him about it.

And so there is a pressing need to clean the house and no energy to do it.  I'm doing things in fits and starts but I'll have more energy first thing in the morning so I'll do the vacuuming and such after I wake up.  I only got one load of clothes out on the line but there is the chance I'll be able to get another load out.  If not, first thing tomorrow morning.  I hate this fatigue so much.  I have so many things I want to do and I can't do them.

I haven't been working on the Helm's Deep shawl for a while but I'd like to get back to it.  It's not terribly hot today so I might be able to get some inches added to it tonight.  I have all three seasons of Hamish Macbeth to watch and the second season of Ballykissangel.

I watched Iron Man this weekend and really liked it.  I didn't think I would although I'm becoming quite attached to the comic book movies.  I especially like Hellboy and Watchmen.  I heard rumors of a Hellboy 3 in the planning process so I'm a bit excited about that.

I am liking video game movies more and more, too.  Not Silent Hill though.  Never Silent Hill.  But I loved Resident Evil and hope to see the last two movies of the series.

I get a lot of knitting done when I watch movies.

I also intend to set aside time for studying.  Tom is planning on going back to school and I hope he does it.  He deserves his chance.  But I'm not interested in a degree anymore.  I'd just like to improve myself for me and hope that opens up ways for me to make a living free-lancing or creating things for my online store that is yet a dream.

If he is going back to school, though, I need to make things easier for him to do it.  Not that I need to take over his chores or anything like that, but I need to make a place for him to study.  He needs a lot of quiet and I'm not known for being quiet.  I need to work on that or find other places to be while he's studying.  I really hope he does this.  I want this for him.

It's almost time to mow again and I still haven't finished up my fairy garden.  Hopefully this week I'll get 'er done.  I bought some barn paint for the furniture I've got out there.  But it's been raining nearly every day since we got home from Indiana painting.  Until now.  Starting tomorrow there will be dry days the rest of the week.  Much to do.  I must find the energy to do it all, too.

Well, off to finish up supper (roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing with a salad) and then clean up the kitchen.


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knittingdragonflies said...

Hope you have your cleaning done! *always fun*
It is cooler here too. Even the dogs perked up. I sat in the yard a bit today, and finally put the hummingbird feeders out.
Take care