Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter is coming at last.

Another sunshiny, unseasonably warm day.  Temps reached 52F I think.  We dug out the snow shovels and got bags of salt for the back of Tom's truck for ballast (the truck is crap on snow and ice) and enough groceries so I don't have to go back for a week.  I hope.  Winter storm watch goes into effect around midnight, I think.

Also, good news on the front door.  It had gotten to the point where we couldn't shut it very well and opening it was a huge struggle so I put the heater back in the foyer, only on medium high this time and the door is nearly back to normal now.  I don't have to struggle to open it although it's still a bit of effort to shut it.  I figure another day or so and it will be fixed.

Still not sleeping.  Or I'm sleeping but just not enough.  As a result I'm in a bad fatigue cycle and my sister in law is coming to visit on Sunday.  I'll do what I can tomorrow and Saturday but I'm not going all out like I did when my brother in law came up and stopped in.  Tom had thought he would visit for a while, but he only stopped in for about 10 minutes and then left.  I had pushed myself beyond my capabilities and ended up in bed for the next few days.  I won't do that again.  I'll make it presentable but it won't be spotless.

I think Tom's just going to have pot pie tonight for supper because the shopping and errands wore me out (although we finally found a place to sign the recall petitions...YAY!!!)  Fatigue cycles, pain and errands are a bad mix.  So I think I'll just go to bed and do the kitchen tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll get sleep tonight.  I woke up again last night in pain and took an hour or so to get back to sleep.  Once Tom is up and I hear him, I can't get back to sleep so I just get up.  If I'm lucky, I don't hear him and can sleep until noon.

But, I probably will knit a bit tonight.  I broke down and bought Zach a couple of sweaters on sale so when he goes out putting in applications next week, he'll look better.  But I must get back to work on his sweater.  He should wear it this year and not next.

So, I'm off to bed....


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