Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Starting to look like a winter wonderland

It snowed again this morning.  I went to let Professor out at around 8 a.m. and it was snowing.  Enough that he wouldn't get off the porch, although we only ended up with about 2 more inches.  Except where it drifted across the sidewalk.  There we had about 8 inches of snow to shovel.  What fun.

Fortunately our good neighbor got the driveway apron again.  I'm going to get him and his wife a gift card for a restaurant around here.  They do this every year.  We used to be able to get out there and get it done first but then he told us to stop so we did.  One year the snow plow had gone through and he was at work and no way could he get into the driveway with a 4 foot wall of snow (this was the year of 108 inches of snow) so we headed out there as soon as the snow plow went past and shoveled him a path first.  Still, we get more than we've given.

We got the sidewalks and the driveway done and the truck is out on the street so we can swap vehicles tomorrow.  Plus I had to move the truck out of the way so Zach could get the garbage bin out.  Narrow driveway.

I worked quite a bit on Zach's sweater last night, making progress on the armhole.  I've knitted about 5 inches up.  Another couple of inches to go before I start the neckline.  Then I worked a pattern section on the bamboo patterned socks and a pattern section on the dvd bag. I felt pretty productive yesterday.  Today I'm doing more laundry.  I have another load to finish for sure because I'm out of wrappings for my lymphedema.  Plus I had to wash the curtains separating the bedroom.  Something got spilled on them.  Tom thought Professor peed on them, but it doesn't smell and it's not looking dry so I'm thinking something oily.  I have no idea what it is but it looks terrible.  Not sure it will come out at all.  Tomorrow I'll get the other curtains but I didn't want to do it all today.

Not sure about supper tonight.  I don't have anything laid out but the fish will thaw very quickly so I think it will be fish tonight.  Baked, not poached this time.  With rosemary and butter.  And mashed potatoes (Zach can have fries) because I really want mashed potatoes tonight.  Then more laundry and more knitting on the sweater.  I might get the front done tonight if I get to it quick enough.

Tomorrow I have to transfer money to checking to pay the property taxes.  I won't take care of that until next week but Monday and Tuesday are for dr appointments so I won't have the energy to tackle errands those days.  January is bleeding me dry financially.

Off to take care of laundry and start supper.



Carol said...

We are getting snow today with heavy winds. So I will shovel the porch, shovel it again and again, the theory being that it's easier if I do it frequently. And I will knit.

Kathy said...

If we expect a big snow, we got out several times to shovel as well. The snow can get very heavy if you don't and with my back problems, I don't need that. But the drifting from heavy winds...makes it so much harder to get out there. Stay warm.

And knit. :)

Anny said...

Isn't it funny we don't have snow where we live in Australia and are really looking forward to experiencing it one day! I know my sister lived in Canada many years ago and everyone thought she was mad playing out in a semi blizzard...Mad AUSSIE!!!

Kathy said...

I really missed snow when I was on Guam and living in California. And it still gives me a thrill to see it falling. It's the shoveling that I hate. :(

I'm glad you got to enjoy the snow and I doubt anyone thought your sister was mad. :)