Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So much for my diabolical plan to combat the pain and fatigue

My clever plan didn't work at all.  I missed the threshold of pain and took the tramadol a bit late which left me tossing and turning in pain for another hour.  But then again, it's usually a few hours until I can get hold of the pain.  But...within a few hours the pain was back and I kept waking up every 20 minutes or so.  I just said the heck with it and got up around 8 a.m.

I tried to take a nap at noon but Tom woke me up to ask me a question and I never got back to sleep.

I asked him to call the garage earlier to see when the truck would be done so he could just drop me off there and I could wait for it, even if it took a couple of hours since it's a couple of miles from here and there are some wondrous hills to conquer with my dodgy hip, but he didn't call until right before he left for work so there was no time for them to get back with him.  They called an hour after he left and Zach and I walked it to pick up the truck.  It took a little over an hour, because I have a really bad hip and had to stop frequently.  Even sat down for a bit on a bench at the veteran's memorial...about the halfway point.

We went to town and got the cash he needs for his trip and then did a bit of shopping after stopping for a sandwich and a soda.  We took an hour to recover at the restaurant but my legs are still very wobbly.  Not to mention achy. I took some ibuprofen before we left, hoping that would dull the pain a bit.  If it helped, I would hate to feel what it was like without it because that was a lot of pain.  Still doesn't feel at all good.

So he's getting pizza tonight because I'm going to bed.  I got little sleep last night, he woke me up less than half an hour into my nap, and I've walked further than my arthritic hip is happy with.  I'm taking the two tramadol in just a few minutes and then crashing for the night.  No knitting.  No reading.  Just sleep.  I'll probably wake up around midnight.  Or 3 or so, when he gets home.  I'm too cranky to be conversation tonight and it's best if I just kept my opinions to myself lest I say something that would start an argument.  He's off tomorrow afternoon for ice fishing (good luck finding ice in this weather) but I'll be cooled off by the time I wake up.  I don't stay mad for long.  And I'm not really mad, just annoyed.

My wobbly legs are shaking and telling me they want to go to bed.  And I think right now, they're the boss of me.


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