Saturday, January 28, 2012

Paying the price

We are really grateful the rod broke in front of the house instead of on the way to work or me driving to the next town.  Having the steering go out at 55 mph is scary to think about. The estimate for the truck is around $1000, which considering how bad it could have been, is an acceptable price to pay.  Our garage people are the best.  I'm beginning to think we should have them on speed-dial, though.

Tom was going to give up his ice fishing trip but I talked him into going.  It's a set-back but last year something happened and he canceled his ice-fishing trip so I don't want him doing it again.  He really needs these trips because he works so hard.

Not keeping the car but we are going to be more vigilant about preventive maintenance and getting the cars into the shop at the first sign of trouble instead of waiting to see if he has a day off so he can work on it. 

Everyone is on their own for supper tonight as I'm taking the night off.  Sandwiches all around and I'm going to crawl into bed, knit, read or watch tv as the mood strikes me.


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