Thursday, January 19, 2012

Staying home and trying to stay warm.

I would like to say that out of solidarity for those who are opposing SOPA I didn't blog yesterday but the truth is that I was just too tired after errands.  I get tired anyway but during a fatigue cycle, it's like trying to wade through mud all the time.

We did get some errands done but it was windy and cold so I limited those errands.  I'll do the banking next week when it's warmer.  Plus I have 2 doctor appointments:  one for me and one for Zach.  It will be a busy week.  I was amazed at the library to see the kids walking out without wearing their coats.  It wasn't even that warm in the library for these kids to be wearing thin, short-sleeved, low cut shirts.  Let alone walking outdoors in nothing but.  Sheesh.

When we got home yesterday we found a sticky note on the door.  Since those are rarely good news it was with great trepidation that I made for the front door, lugging groceries.  To my surprise it was a note from someone interested in buying the Concorde, which is presently under about a foot of snow (driveway is a wind tunnel so we get more snow there).  Zach has been starting it but beyond that we've done nothing this winter.  Tom called him this morning and the guy fixes up old cars and sells them.  I doubt he will want to pay what we want for it but as we're not desperate to sell it, we'll hold firm to our bottom dollar.  Still, it was nice to have that come out of nowhere.

I need to go to the DMV, though, to clear the title.  I went twice before but forgot the title both times and have forgotten to go back ever since.  I'll take care of the truck when I go tomorrow.  Because it's too frelling cold to go today.  The wind chills are even colder today and the sun shining doesn't help.

I was making good progress on Zach's sweater front when the cat jumped in my lap, snagged his claw on the sweater and pulled it.  Hard.  The result was a huge snag that I couldn't fix.  All I could do was rip back about 5 inches.  I've made it back to the armholes and an inch or so above.  I didn't yell at him or do anything physical.  It's not like he did it on purpose.

So I didn't get any other knitting done because I was trying to get back to where I left off on the sweater.  I didn't make it but I was sleepy so I just went to bed.  Fortunately I fell asleep immediately and the two interruptions to my night were brief and didn't wake me up much.  Professor crawls under the covers after the lights go off but usually waits until I'm asleep, which means I have to wake up to lift the covers.  The other time was pain but I was so sleepy I just turned over and went back to sleep.  I can't normally do that but last night it worked.

I watched The A-Team last night.  The new version.  I loved it! I love Sharlto Copley anyway, from District 9.  He was great as Murdoch.  All over great casting.  I've tried watching Priest several times and get further in each time but just can't seem to finish it.  I love Paul Bettany in just about anything he does but so far I haven't loved this movie.  Maybe some day the mood will suit me and I'll watch it and love it, too.  Mostly I watched Babylon-5 episodes.  Tom and Zach got me the entire series for Christmas and I'm taking my time watching them.

I turned the heat up a bit today since it's so cold but I'm still pretty chilled.  I drank some hot tea hoping that would help but it didn't.  Next I'll drink some hot cocoa.  That usually does the trick.  If not, I'm going to take a hot shower.  I do need to put a load of clothes in the dryer.  Maybe that moist heat will help.  It's just so cold outside.

So I should do that:  put the clothes in the dryer.  And maybe get up and get some things done.  I did lay some hamburger out for supper so we can have impossible pie tonight.  Or maybe pizza casserole.  Either one works.  As long as I get busy and get it done.


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