Friday, January 20, 2012

Braved the elements

I was a bit uneasy about venturing out today to the DMV but the minivan drives beautifully on snow and we were careful to take only main thoroughfares that were already plowed.  Aside from our street, of course.  I thought it would be a bit dicey getting out on the highway from our street but we made it with minimal slippage.

The whole title clearing took about 5 minutes and cost $10 for both vehicles.  What a relief.  So we have the titles and they're ours.

We did stop off at McSnacky's because I was suffering from stress overload.  The anticipation far exceeded the actual events, but the stress was there anyway.  Just a soda and a snack and we sat there figuring up a game plan for getting our lives back healthwise.  I'm not going to divulge anything yet because I want to see if it will work first.  Then after a while, if it's working, I'll talk more about it.

I did reschedule my dr appointment on Monday because we're expecting more snow and I don't want to drive all the way to Fond du Lac in snow if I don't have to.  And I don't have to.  My new appointment is in two weeks.  I hope the weather is better then.

I turned the heat on in Tom's bedroom last night.  We don't have heat upstairs...or at least in the bedroom.  The outer area has a vent but hardly anything comes up through it so it's closed off.  He has an oil-filled radiator that works wonderfully but he won't use it because he's a tough guy.  But last night the temps were below zero without including the wind chill so I warmed his room up for him.  There's no time to do that once he's home.  I might do it again tonight since it never got above 5F today.  I've got the space heater in the foyer again because the whole bottom of the door and the lower hinges are white with frost.  The storm door doesn't do anything because it's warped (thanks to a paper carrier who didn't latch the door in a wind storm and it blew open and took a chunk of the door frame with it.)  This summer we will replace both but we don't want to do it now because it would require having the door wide open for a period of time in order to install it and drill new holes for the storm door since there is nothing but wood putty for this door.

A guy is coming to look at the car on Sunday but as his business is to fix up cars and sell them, I'm afraid he might try to low-ball us on the car.  Fortunately we don't have to sell it right now so we don't have to take a low offer.  The car is worth every bit of $800 although I am willing to negotiate a bit.  But not a lot.  We just spent over $400 getting the linkage fixed before we beached it.

I didn't knit last night.  I crawled into bed and turned the light off, dozed a bit and then woke up off and on until Tom got home. After that I was awake for a few hours.  But aside from many interruptions from a cat who shall remain nameless but who kept touching my face every other second all night long, I slept pretty well.  Except when I got a phone call from the 85th final call about wanting to offer me a lower rate on my credit card.  And we're on a no-call list, too.  Not that it seems to matter to them.

I should get off and start supper.  I really wish I had my own cook so I didn't have to.  Not my favorite thing in the universe.

I do like eating though.



Anny said...

Hi Kathy,
Being from Australia I have never experienced such low temperatures! To be that cold would be a novelty for us....not for long I think. We are having summer at the moment with most days well into 90 degrees it is pretty sticky. Hope your weather improves soon :)

Kathy said...

I should be used to the temps since we get them every year. I suppose if I got out more often it wouldn't be such a shock to my system. :)

It won't be long before spring so I should just set my mind to enjoying the cold before the heat and humidity kick in. I much prefer cold to that. :)