Thursday, January 26, 2012

I lied

I wanted to get Zach out of the house because he's been hiding in his room (not literally) for a while so I treated him to a dollar milkshake at Culver's.  I wasn't going to go out again but he needed a boost so we went.  But that's the only place we went; then we came home.

And good news!  The podiatrist is in our network and is only about 20 minutes away, including the time it takes to park and walk to the office.  He has an appointment in two weeks and then we will get him back on his feet.  He doesn't complain about the pain unless I ask but I know he's in a great deal of pain most of the time and has a hard time walking.  This will fix the problem, I hope.

I need to do laundry today.  I must do laundry today.  But just one load.  It's all I can manage on the steps.  I do have a load of white/light colored clothes in the dryer that I need to fluff up a bit.  So that will actually be two loads of laundry finished today.  It's not really cheating.

I took the two tramadols before bed last night and the pain didn't wake me up.  Much.  I did wake up a bit and change positions but went right back to sleep.  Most of the time I can't find another position that doesn't hurt as bad and end up waking up for an hour or so before I finally fall back asleep in exhaustion.  I hate the thought of taking 2 every night but I will for a few nights and then give it a rest.  I don't always have pain at night, but the nights I don't are rare.  Still, I'm always shooting for that rare night, which is why I don't take the pain pills until the pain is making its presence known.

I knitted on the socks for a bit, then on the dvd case.  I should work on Zach's sweater but I'm at the neck and hate the whole dividing thing.  Once I've started it, I'm fine, but I'm just not fond of setting it all up.  But tonight I should push myself to do it.  After laundry.  And supper.

It was warmer today, enough that the sidewalks are clear and the driveway is getting clear.  But when the temps go down tonight the driveway will be a bit slick in spots.  Putting out salt right now seems pointless but I might send Zach out later, after it cools off some.

I guess I should tackle that load of laundry.  Hauling it all downstairs isn't fun.  How I wish I had everything on one floor.  Oh, well...I must do what I can with what I have.



Anny said...

That's so good that Zac can see the Podiatrist. We are having torrential rain here today so my washing pile is growing huge!Hopefully it will stop for the rain but then the humidity is overbearing....bring on winter I say :)

Kathy said...

Thanks, Anny. I'm so relieved he can get this taken care of.

We're having a heat wave right now and I think I could hang some clothes out in the beautiful sunshine but the days are still short and they wouldn't have time to dry. But I can't wait until I can hang them out every day. Aside from the wet ones, that is.