Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Don't make me leave home for a while

I am not leaving the house for a few days no matter what.  Okay if Zach has a dr appointment I will but other than  I got a call last night to change my next week appointment to today so I went with it just to get it over with.  It was snowing like crazy when I woke up, which made me nervous but it stopped and cleared up before I had to leave and the roads were very nice so it was no big deal.

Except it was a late appointment and by the time I got to StuffMart in the next town to us (my appointment was up in Fond du Lac) it was late and I was hungry.  So I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat while reading Triumph of the Moon by Professor Ronald Hill and then went to StuffMart to get my prescriptions.  In a very cleverly disguised plan to get me to spend more money, they told me my prescription wasn't ready yet and to come back in 15 minutes.  Several dollars later, I went back only to be told that it would be just a few more minutes.  Still more dollars later, I came back in another ten minutes to hear that it still wasn't ready and to wait a few more minutes.  I was tired of spending money so I went to the bathroom and then wandered back.  Still not ready.  But they got it ready while I waited.  I'm not upset because I hadn't really counted on that particular prescription but had come for 2 others that were ready.  I just didn't want to come back any time soon so I waited for the one my dr had just called in.

So I stopped at Subway, which is located in StuffMart, and got some sandwiches for the guys and came home.  The dog was happy to see me only because he wanted to go out so I let him out and sat down.  Only to get back up immediately because he was having a conversation with Tank next door as only a Chihuahua and Rottweiler can.  Each one insisting on getting the last word.  Then my mother called so I talked to her for a while.  It was a fun conversation so I really enjoyed it.  But I really wanted to finish up my online stuff and go to bed.  Which I'm working on now.

For some reason the cat has decided to wake me up several times a night by sitting on my chest and putting his nose in front of my face, tickling me with his whiskers.  When I turn my face away, he moves his in the same direction.  I move the other way; he does, too.  As Bob is my witness, I didn't know cats couldn't fly.

No, I didn't.  But I did think about it.

So lack of sleep has hounded me all week because of appointments and cats.  And the dog, because he prefers to potty outdoors instead of his papers, which is good.  Except he wants out 3 or 4 times a night.  Except when it's snowing.  Then he miraculously manages to hold it all night long.

Zach and I watched Despicable Me.  I'd seen it before but he hadn't.  He's so much fun to watch movies with because he has the best laugh.  And he laughed all the way through it.  But I didn't get much knitting done.  A few rows on the bamboo patterned sock but that was it.

Tonight...not so much either.  I'm going to crawl into bed, turn the lights out and watch something that doesn't require any thinking.  If I fall asleep, I fall asleep.  If I don't...well, I will eventually.

Oh, and the dr told me I'm waiting too long to start my meds when the pains starts up and that's why it's not working as well.  She also said if the sciatica comes back of the pain is excruciating (never happens with the fibromyalgia, but with the betcha) I can take up to 8 a day without harm.  Just not for many days in a row.  That was good to know because one pill every 4 hours wasn't even touching the pain from the sciatica.

Now...finish up the internet and go to bed!


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