Friday, January 13, 2012

Not loving the snow in spite of having good neighbors.

Bless our neighbors.  Someone, and I suspect it was two different someones, cleared both the driveway apron and our public sidewalk.  So we didn't have to get up early and dig the Town and Country out so Tom could get to work.  We did go out as soon as he left and cleared the rest of the driveway though.  He's going to be taking the minivan instead of the truck for a while, I guess, but I did tell him that I wanted the car when I had errands and such because the truck is crap to drive.  At least I think it is.  It bounces me all over the place.  Plus I have no place to put our shopping unless it's in the back.  Which means I can only shop at one place because I can't leave the stuff in the back of the truck when I'm at another place.

I want him to put the cover back on so no one steals the bags of salt we've got back there providing weight on the axle.  We were lucky no one stole it today but water softener salt is in high demand here.  Nearly everyone has a water softening system because of the extremely hard water here.

Tomorrow will be a cleaning day in case we have company on Sunday.  I'm not scrubbing the house down, but I do want it presentable.  Not that it's not presentable now, but more presentable.

I really need to get back to knitting.  Since I slept quite a bit last night, if not uninterrupted because a certain dog wanted to go out four times last night only to refuse to get off the porch and came right back in, I am feeling a bit more rested today.  But errands wear me out and I still have supper and laundry to do yet.

Which I should get to right away before I completely lose interest.


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