Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to my old sleep patterns

I slept very late today, well after noon because I didn't even get to sleep until after 7 a.m.  Damned pain.  Once I got it under control I was awake and getting to sleep took some effort.  Well, staying asleep took some effort.  I would doze off and then snap awake as if I had been startled or something.  Anyway, I did errands today but Zach is going to fix supper and I'm going to bed early.

I finished up the socks last night.  I have no more worsted yarn for socks this year but I still have some sock yarn to work with.  I just need a pattern I love.  I got a book of sock patterns from the library today and my Creative Knitting mag was in the mail box when I got home.  Surely there is one pattern in all of my stash and library books that I will fall in love with.

But...Zach's sweater will be the next project.  And after that, my sweater.  Then, who knows?  I don't plan that far in advance.

I do hope to start taking pictures of my projects, too.  I still haven't learned how to operate my camera but this weekend I'll grab Zach and get a tutorial on it so I can post pictures both here an on my spiritual blog.  I miss doing that.

I didn't quite read a book a week last year.  Well, I think I did but I didn't count books I had already read so the books I read in January and re-read in November and all the books in between actually do add up to more than 52 books.  But I think this year I'll just keep track offline and maybe talk about the books I've read if they're interesting.  I did just finish a biography of Cicero, who has always fascinated me.  But the only book I had read about him took a lot of liberties with his philosophies and had him a Christian long before Jesus was even born.  Since reading more accurate books about him, I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like him much, but he still is a fascinating person of history.  Sort of like Eva Peron.  Fascinating, but maybe not the heroic figure some think she was.  And Dian Fossey.  You don't have to like someone to be intrigued by them.

I've got the heater back in the foyer because I seem to be the only person shutting the door these days.  Zach can't and Tom doesn't shut it all the way because it's so hard to shut.  It wouldn't be so bad if they would shut the curtains to the foyer, but they don't do that either.  So I'm following everyone around, shutting doors and closing curtains.  We'll have to get a new set of doors this summer.  No way we can go through another winter like this again.  The inside door has been shaved or something so there is a half inch gap on the right top of the door and the wind just blows in from there.  Yet on the left side, it's a snug fit.  And the gap where the latch is, funnels cold air in like a fan.  Got the utility bill today and it's a bit high for what we're used to this time of year, but still way below what most people pay.  It was around $126 for gas and electric.

Well, I'm off to bed to read and then watch some tv and maybe knit a bit.  I dare not go to sleep now because I'll be wide awake at midnight and won't fall back asleep until 9 a.m.  Not good at all.


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