Sunday, January 22, 2012

I know you don't have to shovel freezing rain, but...still not a fan

The guy never showed up to look at the car but I wasn't surprised at all.  I knew the price was too high for what he wanted to do but as we haven't advertised the car yet, I'm also not disappointed at all.  We did waste time waiting for him to not show up but made it to the store anyway.

Unfortunately the freezing rain had started by the time we headed home.  It was more of a mist, really, but the roads were slick so we bought extra sidewalk salt and put a layer down when we got home.  Hopefully the salt trucks will go through and the main thoroughfares will be a bit drier.

I bought some yoga stuff today to help us on our journey toward health.  I thought it might help with the stress levels and help deal with this depression that I can't take anything for.  I only have room in any one room in the house for one person at a time to use the dvd and mat but that's okay, too.  We'll work around that.  It's a tiny house, I keep telling y'all.

I've also decided not to focus on a gimmick but just cook well and eat less and see if that helps at all.  I'm not sure what to do about the emotional eating but at least I can take care of the day-to-day stuff first.  Hopefully Zach will start on anti-depressants after his physical on Tuesday and that will be one of us getting help for our depression.  It is much harder to deal with mine when I have to deal with his, too.

I haven't knitted much this week but I do plan on crawling into bed in a little bit.  And I'm taking my knitting with me.  Tom is fixing supper tonight so I don't have to cook.  Just crawl into bed.  And tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere because we got groceries tonight.  And I can pay the bills on Tuesday after Zach's appointment since we'll probably have to go get a prescription for him anyway.

But I plan on staying home more, getting more done here and focusing more on getting healthy. 

Depression really, really sucks because it puts up those barriers that keep out the mechanisms you might find to help you get healthy.  It's so hard to work around that.  But I just have to keep trying.  Even if this doesn't work either.  I've got to keep trying.



Carol said...

You are so right, depression sucks. Husband is fighting depression and anxiety now and there really is nothing I can do to help. I hate being helpless, and he hates being depressed. Good luck with your battle and your healthy eating.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Carol. It's good that you're supportive of your husband. My extended family doesn't understand depression and thinks if we will just do more we won't be depressed anymore. It seems to be a shameful thing to them instead of a legitimate condition. Fortunately my husband, while he doesn't understand it completely, is supportive of both Zach and me although I'm sure he does get frustrated over having to live with two people suffering from depression.

Hopefully the changes we make to our eating will help the battle somewhat. I know there is a food/mind connection. And any improvement is better than none. :)