Monday, January 2, 2012


The dryer is fixed and I've been doing tons of laundry, trying to catch up.  I have three loads to go including what is in the washer and dryer right now.  Clean clothes!  And not only clean, but soft.

Hannibal's chin swelled up yesterday to huge proportions.  I'm going to call the vet tomorrow as nothing is open today.  It's a form of acne or something like it.  I think the swelling has gone down a bit and he's not in as much discomfort as he was yesterday (why does everything go wrong on a weekend?) but if it's not significantly reduced by tomorrow morning, I'll call the vet.  He's had this before but it went down on its own with just antibiotic ointment.  I checked online and that's most likely what the vet will do but also with a shot of antibiotics as well.  He's eating and drinking and sleeping just fine.  The online site said if they were in a lot of pain, they would do some low growling and go hide.  He's not growling and is keeping close to us for petting and snuggling so I think he's not in a great deal of pain.  More like a sore that only hurts when you bump it.  Which we're avoiding as much as possible.

We have snow on the ground that, while not a lot, is heavy and a bit icy.  I put salt down on the porch and steps because Professor was having a time getting up and in the door.  He's not staying out much when he goes out for a wee.  He hastens back up the steps and scratches frantically on the door.  Zach will have to shovel today and the wind is very bitter.  I imagine it will involve a lot of short shoveling and then coming back in to warm up.  We have a wind chill of about 4F today.  Brrrr!

I have to go out and about today.  I was going to wait until Zach got up and Tom got home but I think I'll get dressed now and get going.  Well, Tom just got home so I don't have to wait for him.  Anyway...need to get going.




I wish we would get some snow..I know it's around us..New Mexico got some, Oklahoma got some..Texas? nada..well at least my part of Texas...but then Wed. and Thursday it's going to be in the 70' we have that going for us.

Kathy said...

I was stationed in Corpus Christi for 3 and a half years and never saw snow but we had a hellacious ice storm once. I don't mind the snow so much. It's the shoveling that I hate. LOL!

This is the mildest winter I've seen since we moved here but I suspect it's not over for us yet.