Friday, January 27, 2012

Another from the "we can't win" millstone

Tom left for work today and made it out of the driveway.  Just.  He came back in and asked me to call the tow truck because the truck threw a tire rod or something.  At any rate we had to maneuver it in front of the house because it was blocking the driveway and then he left for work in the minivan.  We just spent $900 on the truck in November.  I can't imagine this will be any cheaper.

I'm beginning to think we need to keep the car instead of selling it so we can have two vehicles running at all times.  We never have both vehicles up and running at the same time for long.  Ever.  If Zach had had a job in the past he would have lost it for sure on account of the number of times we've abruptly been down to one vehicle. Seriously.

So I'm waiting for the garage to call back and let me know just how expensive it's going to be this time.  Then I'm going to get a license for the car when I've got transportation and insure it and hope Tom will use it to drive back and forth to work in order to save on gas.  Because our auto gas bill is creeping up to around $350 a month.  And I only go to town a few times a week.  It's not like that's far away.

I've got medical appointments coming up so I need reliable transportation.  And Zach needs to either find a job or go back to school  In both cases we need reliable transportation.

I think I'm going to just go into my bedroom and cry for a bit.  We never get a chance to get ahead.  No idea what the truck will cost but we'll have to pay for Zach's ingrown toenail situation in full because of the deductible. 

Just wondering when we'll catch a break.

Oh, and the roof is leaking.



Carol said...

I often think that "getting ahead" is a fairy tale. Or meant only for a few, many of whom have started out ahead because someone else got there for them. So frustrating!

Kathy said...

You're probably right. Especially in today's economy.