Thursday, September 1, 2011

August heat in September

It's hot today.  August hot.  Heat index was 102F a while ago and I got the a/c started a bit late so it's still bloody hot in here.

And the car is toast.  Can't get it into park at all so it's in neutral with the emergency brake on.  Plus I've got the front tires sitting in a low spot on the driveway so it can't slide anywhere.  I guess we'll have to go looking tomorrow and over the weekend.

At least I got home again.  Especially since my phone was sitting on the table here.

I got beef stew for Tom's supper tonight because I'm not cooking.  Or pizza.  Not sure which.  I'm just too hot and too cranky.  I am getting the house cleaned up, though...little by little.  I've done the vacuuming, de-cluttered the dining table and have a load of clothes to fold and another in the dryer.  I've got the kitchen door shut so the heat will have to go out the basement windows.  Can't get in the house.  I hope.

Ah!  Finally feeling the a/c in the dining room now.  I'm nearly done cleaning in here.  I'll get to the kitchen soon but Zach has to finish up his chores in there first, which he's getting ready to do now.  He's tackling the bathroom since that's his weekly chore anyway.  I feel bad making him do the bathroom but in dealing with his OCD we both agreed that this is an area he has to conquer...the germ phobia the bathroom is his to clean.  He does okay most of the time and he has rubber gloves to wear when cleaning the toilet.  He never, ever complains although I've seen him shaking when he's come out of there after finishing up.  But he managed to conquer the dishwasher so I'm sure he can conquer this, too.

I'd like to get my herb garden planted this week.  I might try to do it tonight.  The rack is in front of the only southern window aside from the kitchen but the sink is in the way there.  I've close the curtains around the rack so the plants get sun all day rather than open them up when I get up, which sometimes is around noon depending on if I can get to sleep before the sun rises.  I also need to transfer my lavender to a larger container.  I'm not putting it in the ground until next spring.  I don't want to lose it over the winter.

My mastectomy mum is looking puny.  I got it 10 years ago this October from a woman at one of my former churches.  She brought it by the day I came home from the hospital so I call it the mastectomy mum.  I didn't know mums lasted this long. 

I've been working on the Invisibility Shawl the past few nights but it doesn't look like I'm making any progress.  I guess that's the thing about knitting with lace weight yarn.  And I'm beginning to think it's wool by the way it's behaving.  I'll find out when I try to block it, I guess.  Also been working on the bathroom curtain.  I'm looking for another pattern for Zach's sweater though.  Something I can knit to gauge and a crew neck.  I've got several patterns in my bin, and I'm hoping one of them has a close enough number of stitches and gauge so I can just fix this sweater instead of starting over again.

I bought some yarn today.  Just one skein of Red Heart Sparkle, because I'd like to knit something out of it.  I love how it looks and it's very soft to the touch.  Not cheap though so one skein will be it.  Maybe a crown or tiara.  I've always thought I needed a tiara to wear while knitting.

But now that we'll have to replace the car, I've got to go back to the frugal mindset.  It's hard to live with that kind of austerity.  I know some people do it all their lives but it's like dieting.  You do okay for a while but then all you can think about is what you can't have rather than what you can have. 

Well, I'm moving into the living room so I can knit and watch some tv for a while before cooking.  After I fold clothes, of course.


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Carol said...

It has been a strange summer, hasn't it? It's been very comfortable in our neck of the woods, but here we are, in September when normally our highs are in the upper 70s and we're having 90 degree days. But I'll not complain (yet) because we're not having hurricanes, tropical storms or earthquakes. It could be so much worse.