Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Where is the sleep on my vacation?

I'm not getting the sleep I had hoped for during this "vacation."  Professor has been barking at about 9:30 every morning wanting out for his wee and since I've had trouble getting to sleep because of the pain, I'm only getting about 5 hours of sleep per night.  I try to nap but I don't sleep well during the day.  I'll catch a few minutes but never anything as long as an hour.  I hope to go to sleep early tonight and sleep through. I'd love to have normal sleeping patterns but as long as I have pain that wakes me up or prevents me from sleeping, I'm likely to spend the rest of my life getting little sleep.

I'm nearly done with the back of Zach's sweater.  I haven't had the energy to work on anything that required a lot of thinking so the frolicking deer hat has been sitting in the bag unattended all week. It may be all I can work on for a while, until I get some rest.  I can barely keep my eyes open but every time I try to nap I wake up about 10 minutes later and can't get back to sleep.

I must say I'm enjoying the solitude a lot.  I'm such an introvert anymore.  Or maybe that's recluse.  Zach is trying to adjust his circadian rhythms so he's been sleeping during the day which gives me a lot of quiet.  I thought about going out today for lunch because I haven't done that in a while but it was cold out and I was so tired.  I just stayed in.  Fixing supper now.  Zach can fix his later when he wakes up.

Hopefully I'll get some rest in soon because I have a lot of winterizing to do before it gets really cold.  I'm wondering if we're going to have an early winter because it's a lot colder now than it has been lately.  I never had to turn the furnace on before November 1st before but if this keeps up I'll have to turn it on during October.  Not a good sign.

Well, off to finish up supper and then relax for a while before bedtime.  I can't sleep for a few hours after I eat but I do intend to get to bed before 10 p.m. tonight.


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