Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybe it's not the sleep, stupid

You would think after 12.5 hours of sleep last night I would have energy to spare today, but I don't.  I did get the kitchen cleaned up and the beans on to soak for supper tonight.  But I really don't have the energy to actually cook them now.  I must, of course, but that will be the last I have for the night.  I think the problem is the cold I've got coming on.  Or sinus thingy.  Or whatever it is.  My head feels stuffed up...nose, too.  No headache today but I'm starting to cough. 

Zach and I were going to pick tobacco tomorrow so Tom could get it on hangars to dry but I think we'll wait until next weekend.  I really just want to sleep for the next 3 days.  I'd better start taking echinacea, too.  And vitamin C.

So I'll get the beans on, maybe make up some corn bread and then just go to bed.  I'm not even hungry. 

Oh, crap.  I've got to finish up the laundry or at least get the wet clothes into the dryer.  Tom's uniforms never came back from the company that takes care of them so I've been washing the same two uniforms for a few days, alternating, of course.  So he needs a clean set for tomorrow.  And he leaves too early for me to wait to get them out of the dryer tomorrow morning.  Crap.

I didn't get a stitch knitted last night.  The minute I crawled into bed my eyes drooped so I just turned the light out, put the tv on timer and closed my eyes.  I barely heard Tom come in and only woke up twice to go to the bathroom and went right back to sleep.  I may do that again tonight.  As soon as the laundry is done.

OK..clothes are in the laundry and the beans are cooking on the stove.  I got the wrong kind of beans; they had Cajun seasoning in the front in both sections.  The ham seasoning is in the back...way behind them.  We'll see if Tom likes Cajun seasoning.  I'll be fast asleep so I won't know until tomorrow.

The sneezing has started up again and my head feels overfull now so I'm going to go lie down while the clothes dry and the beans cook.  No cornbread tonight.  I'll thaw out some dinner rolls from the freezer so he'll have bread to go with it.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes when I get too much sleep I feel more lethargic than when I get not enough. The best I've found for me is 8-9 hours.

Carol said...

Like Dark Mother, too much sleep leaves me fuzzy-brained. Then again, so does not enough sleep. But sinus issues knock me off my feet every time. I've been lucky and haven't had any of those since I quit smoking.

Kathy said...

Dark Mother, it's true that too much sleep does that to me, but sometimes you just have to play catch up. LOL If I could consistently get 8 hours I'd be good, but with this chronic insomnia, I've averaged about 4-5 hours a night for about 23 years. It started when I was pregnant with Zach.

I'm working to change some of my bad health habits and hopefully that will solve some of the insomnia problems.

Kathy said...

Carol, my sinus infections seem to get worse after I quit smoking, but that probably had nothing to do with the smoking but the change in climate. We moved from dry California to wet Wisconsin. Still, I do not miss that morning cough! LOL