Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I don't feel well

It was a long weekend.  And I mean looong.  I spent most of it on the couch doing mostly nothing and by nothing I mean sleeping or watching the tv with eyes glazed.  Friday wasn't too bad and I started a Christmas present for Tom. A Frolicking Deer hat.  But since he kept coming in and out of the living room the rest of the weekend, I just put it up until I could work on it uninterrupted.  Except now I feel like crap and not like working on anything at all.  In fact, I want to go back to the couch but I have things to do.  I was barely online at all over the weekend and have some things to catch up on.  I'm also thinking how great it was not to be online so much.

I'm not sure if it's a cold or a sinus infection.  I got my neti pot out but so far that hasn't helped at all so I'm thinking it's a cold.  My throat is very sore and swollen but in the area of my sinuses and not the lower part.  And I've got a headache that won't go away so it could be sinus infection.  It doesn't matter which it is.  I just feel like crawling onto the couch and staying there until I feel better.  Yesterday the aches and pains from my fibromyalgia was pretty bad or was it a flu-like achy pain thing?

So I think I will.  I'll need to fix supper but the rest of the house can wait until tomorrow at least.  I'll be back when I feel better.


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