Monday, September 12, 2011

Another wasted day

I had high hopes for today but as I watched the sun rise before I finally got to sleep, I decided to just take a rain check on those high hopes.  Next time I have sleep I'll tackle the things I want to accomplish.  I've been mostly vegging out today because my mind is dull and my body doesn't want to move.  Supper is over so I'm going to make up the bed and relax the rest of the night.  Probably won't knit on the frolicking deer hat because I'll make too many mistakes and I really don't want to frog anything more. 

I ended up frogging the Invisibility Shawl last night because I was tired, made a mistake and while trying to fix it ended up dropping a stitch down to the beginning.  So when I tried to unravel the whole thing, the yarn broke so I just threw the knitted portion away.  Cheap yarn from the thrift store.  From now on, when I want to knit lace weight, I'll buy wool.  Acrylic lace weight isn't fun to work with.

It's been nice and breezy today even though the temps were in the mid 80s.  Inside it felt so good I didn't even have a fan on.  And of course, that means I need to start working on winterizing soon.  I have to replace the weatherstripping on both doors and re-glaze a couple of windows. 

I miss not having a car to drive.  I have a book in at the library and I hate having to rush to the store and such in the morning so I can get home before Tom goes to work.  He said it would take a while to fix the car but spent the whole of Sunday fixing the toaster.  sigh  I guess we have different priorities.

So I think I'm going to bed now and will probably end up sleeping long before I should which will make me wake up when Tom gets home and I'll be up the rest of the night.  I really hate insomnia.


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