Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting in the mood for winter

I took the day off yesterday.  From the internet.  Unfortunately that means more time catching up today so I didn't really save any time.  I still need to cut back on what I read so that will be a work in progress over the next week.

I got up very late this morning due to some very good sleep last night.  Not lagging at all today, but not bouncing off the walls either.  I'm doing some minor winterizing today, laundry, cleaning and later on...tons of knitting and stuff.  I moved the coffee table down to the basement because it blocks the heater vent.'s only there so Professor can look out the window.  I put the plastic lawn chair in its place so I have an extra seat in here.  For some reason, when Tom comes in to watch tv he doesn't sit on the couch.  Instead, he sits on the ottoman.  So now he has a chair.  I sat in it after I put an afghan on the seat and it's pretty comfortable.  For a short period of time.  Wouldn't want to lounge in it all day.  It's lightweight so I can move it out of the way to get to my dresser drawers.  A real living room chair would be too big and too heavy.

I re-started Zach's sweater by using a very old leaflet I've got with instructions on different sweater patterns in different yarn weights.  I don't know why I keep trying to re-invent the wheel.  That leaflet has produced a lot of sweaters in this house.  I'm making the stripes smaller because I'm re-using yarn that worked in 2-inch stripes but won't work that way in this sweater.  So...its' easier to just do 4 row repeats.  I can get two stripes per ball of yarn.  I have plenty and could probably just start over but I hate to have all that bits of yarn hanging around getting tangled up.

The frolicking deer hat is coming along nicely.  But I just found out that Tom will be gone all next week so I'm going to save it back to knit while he's gone.  He's going up north to spend time with his brother at his cabin so I'll have the house to myself to get ready for winter.  I have another sweater in the closet that I started about a year ago.  I've got the back done on it and most of one front (cardigan) so I think instead of frogging it, I'll finish it up, too.  I'd love to have a black cardigan.  I also picked up some afghan hooks (tunisian crochet hooks) at StuffMart yesterday.  The only one I've ever had was a size H which makes a very dense fabric when using worsted weight.  I picked up one that is size I and one that is size K.  Those should work nicely.  I'd never seen any at the store before this so I grabbed them up before they disappeared again.

I'm in a mood to tackle closets next week while Tom is gone.  I can't see the bottom of my closet and I've got most of Zach's hanging up clothes in mine so I need to tackle his as well.  And then I'll get busy bringing the winter clothes out.  I hang them out on the line because they only smell musty...they're not dirty.  Then I'll tackle the windows and put plastic on them.  I have enough windows that don't need plastic that I can do the older ones early.  But first I need to removed the air conditioners from two of the windows.

I opened up some windows today because it was a bit warmer but by the weekend it will be back into the 60s during the day and 40s during the night.  Won't get Tom's tobacco picked next weekend because he won't be around to string it up.  Hope it doesn't get damaged by the cold at night.  I don't think it will but it hasn't been a great crop this summer anyway.  Not much of it is green.  I think the soil is depleted.  Next year we'll use a different part of the garden for it.

Off to finish up the laundry, start supper and finish vacuuming before I clean the kitchen and sit down to knit the rest of the night.



Carol said...

I need to reorganize closets too. Did it two years ago, but I guess there's a shelf life on organization.

Kathy said...

LOL! If so the shelf life on my closets expired long ago. I think it's been more than 5 years since I last tackled my closet.