Saturday, September 24, 2011

My time off

This is the closest I get to a vacation, when Tom goes up north to his brother's cabin.  I have one less person to take care of and clean up after.  Some of the other changes will be not being woke up when he gets home at night or when he gets up in the morning.  Not his's a tiny house...but I will enjoy it nonetheless.  Two mornings in a row I got robo-calls way too early from the Republicans or Koch political groups waking me up.  I wasn't going to vote for them anyway but if this keeps up I will start actively campaigning against them. 

I had to rip back a couple of inches on Zach's sweater because after I finished up the armholes, the sweater reached his knees again.  Or I might be exaggerating a bit.  Still, it was pretty long so I took out 2 inches and it looks like it will be a better fit.  Again, I'm thankful I'm a process knitter versus a project knitter.  I found a pattern in my stash for some Halloween bags crocheted from cotton thread and since I have some black crochet thread, I thought that would be another project I could add to my endless bunch of works in progress.  I also broke down and bought Interweave Crochet because it had a beautiful shawl pattern in it. 

I plan on taking tomorrow off, doing next to nothing, not even cooking and knitting or crocheting to my heart's content.  I need to spend much less time online and more time getting things done.  But I'm not going to fill my day with endless projects just yet.  I want to focus on getting back to tightwaddery and cooking from scratch so I can afford the car we intend to look for when Tom comes home.

He didn't work on it before he left for a number of reasons.  One being that I was afraid he would make it worse than it already is.  He was exhausted, having worked late last night.  Didn't get home until nearly 3 a.m.  So he slept in until nearly noon and needed to get on the road.  Plus it was raining and that would have been no fun at all working on the car in the rain.  We managed to get our shopping done today and have no need to go out at all the rest of the week. 

The weather turned very cool today...mid 50s, which is very nice in spite of the rain.  I was going to shut the basement windows tonight but I think I'll wait until tomorrow to do it.  But do it I will before Tom gets home.  We play musical windows in this house in the cooler months.  If the weather is above 50 outside he wants them open.  I maintain that it's too frelling cold so I shut them.  I always win by putting plastic on them.  I am woman, hear me roar!

Well, I'm ready to make up the bed, grab my knitting and watch tv until I fall asleep at the needles.



Anonymous said...

Take a day off. Take 2, 3, 4 or the entire time he is gone. Enjoy the peace and quiet and turn the ringer off when you want to lay down and go to sleep. You deserve it girl. They are called mental health days for a reason.

C said...

Taking time for yourself makes you more productive when doing other things. And makes you happier and more relaxed. So look at it this way: you're doing everyone a favor when you take time for yourself. Enjoy!

Kathy said...

Awww...thanks. I do plan on a lot of doing nothing this week. I was going to try to prepare the bathroom for painting but decided that the week will be spent developing new habits and routines that are more conducive to better health. And with Tom gone, whatever I clean tends to stay clean so I won't be overdoing it on the housecleaning aspect. I will take your advice and rest this week. Thanks!

knittingdragonflies said...

We all need breaks, I think it is so hard to allow myself to have a day to do nothing.
Enjoy yourself
Good luck with car shopping