Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting better

I'm feeling much better today.  My throat isn't sore and my headache is only an afterthought.  But the car is still crap. Tom said it would be okay to drive and I needed to get to the library today so I made Zach go along with me.  Had trouble getting it into park at the library but couldn't get it in park at all at StuffMart.  So Tom's list will have to wait until tomorrow morning.  I'll have to get up early to take the truck so I can get back in time for him to get to work but if that's what I have to do...

We didn't look at cars this weekend because I wasn't feeling well but maybe we'll get to it this weekend.  Tom said he could fix the linkage in the transmission but was under the weather himself over the weekend.  It's a good thing Zach doesn't have a job just now because getting him to work would be impossible.  I don't know why be we consistently live like this.  Having to have two cars to ensure we have one up and running.  I would love to buy a better car this go round but who can afford it?

I worked on the frolicking deer hat last night but discovered that no matter what I did I couldn't achieve the gauge the designer did.  No way I could get worsted yarn to equal 6 sts per inch even when I went down two needles.  To me, that's sport weight gauge.  And not having sport weight yarn, I had to improvise.  So I took out one repeat of the pattern, which is 36 sts.  And I still think it might be a bit big.  But wearable.

Plus the designer had the jerk-ass, and totally illegal, admonition not to dare try to sell anything made by her pattern because of course, only she is entitled to be compensated for her labors.  Not the lowly knitter.  Good thing this erroneous "law" is being shown the light of legality.  I totally will not spend a penny on a designer who insists on that provision.

I'm still plugging away on the bathroom curtain.  It's growing but like a watched pot doesn't boil, doesn't seem to lengthen until I look at it later.  I'm pretty sure I won't have it done before I need to set up the window for winter with the insulated curtain, so as soon as I'm done with it, I'll store it.  If I store it now, it will never get finished.

I planted some herbs today and re-potted my lavender.  The lavender wasn't growing at all and with good reason.  It was totally root-bound.  Hopefully it will expand a bit now.  I might plant some more herbs if I can find where I put my seeds.   But that would involve actual thought and movement and I'm still wiped from this whatever it was.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'm having enough difficulty thinking what to cook for supper.

I think I'll go putter around in there and figure something out as it's getting late and I don't want to be cooking supper when I really want to go to bed.


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