Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's the sleep, stupid

Another day of nothing done but this time it wasn't the internet, it was the cold, or sinus infection or whatever it is.  Just beginning but I felt achy and my head hurt most of the day, but most of it was because I got to sleep very late and was woken up after only a few hours of sleep.  I'm feeling a bit better now and plan on doing some straightening up of the living and dining room.  Pot pies for supper since I don't feel like cooking.  I figure after I get some mild cleaning done, I'm going to bed.

I do hope to get some knitting done tonight now that my head is a bit clearer.  As long as it stays clear.  I fell asleep watching Knitting Daily just a while ago.  Good thing it was a rerun.  Maybe tomorrow will be better if I manage to get to sleep early and actually get to stay asleep.  Still have a problem with certain family members coming into my room while I'm sleeping and playing and talking to the pets. 

Still very cool weather.  I wore sweats today and was quite comfortable.  Windows were closed except the one over the sink.  I'm too short to close it.  It might warm up a bit later this week so I don't have the fans put away yet, just out of the windows.  I got the right weatherstripping for the front door this time so I'll work on that next week.  I noticed the back door needs the bottom weather stripping replaced, too.  Huge chunks out of it.  Each year I manage to do better with winterizing so I hope this year to raise the heat to 62 during the day and 52 at night. I'm very comfortable with 50 at night but when you lower the temps more than 10 degrees you lose what you've gained monetarily because the furnace takes too much energy to heat the house back up.  I absolutely won't go higher than 55 at night though.  I love sleeping cool and so does everyone else in the family.

Most of the tomatoes need to come in and I'll have more peppers soon.  I need to chop up what I've brought in and do something with them.  I'll freeze the peppers and maybe make spaghetti sauce our of some of the peppers and all the tomatoes.  The tobacco looks awful.  Too light by far.  I think the soil was too depleted from last year's crop but I didn't have the other garden ready for it.  Still don't.  As soon as Zach manages to work out his sleep problems (he's working on a plan for delayed sleep phase) I'll send him out to finish chopping it up.  He lost all his progress today when that same family member woke him up after he'd been asleep only a couple of hours and he couldn't get back to sleep again. 

Well, my supper is done in the toaster oven so I'm off to eat, then make up the bed and try to get some knitting done and an early night...I hope.  Someday I hope my entries will actually contain something of significance instead of writing about how much I didn't get done.



Anonymous said...

It is in the fifties here and I'm LOVING it. Windows are open and I'm wound for sound with this crisp Autumn air.

Kathy said...

I love it, too! I seem to come alive in the Autumn.

Carol said...

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but usually I wind down and settle in for winter in the fall. Spring is when I gear up and get things done. A few things. Never want to overdo it, you know.

Kathy said...

Autumn is also my time of the year to plan all my winter knitting. I usually have started my socks by now so I'd better get to it or I won't have enough to last me the winter.