Thursday, September 22, 2011

The end of summer

Happy Birthday, Bilbo and Frodo...and me!  Last day of summer, too.  Although it looks like that dog has already run unless we get an Indian Summer before the snow flies.

I spent most of the day either online or trying to unravel a massive tangle of yarn.  I'm ready to move to the skeins of yarn but the dark green has commingled with other dark green yarn and made babies.  This is why we need free birth control out there!  I still have hours to go before I manage this.  I have no idea why none of the light green yarn tangled at all...maybe it's already on birth control...or practices abstinence.  Who knows?

So my plans for knitting my birthday away have gone awry.  Darn it!  Still, I must persevere because the sweater needs to be knitted and I'm not buying more yarn to do it.  So tonight while watching all my dvr'd programs I'll be unraveling yarn.  Joy.

Zach and I are getting ready to go to the store.  He has to go with me because he can shove the gearshift into park and I can't.  And since it's my birthday and I don't feel like cooking or anything else for that matter, I'll bring something home for supper.

Tom bought me a nice little fountain that is very soothing and small enough to fit on a little table-top.  I've got it next to my altar and will make a nice addition to Mabon ritual...or whatever I decide to do with the Autumnal Equinox. 

Tomorrow I need to run errands and I can't wait for Zach to get up so I'll have to get up early, steal the truck and get them done before Tom goes to work.  Zach is working on shifting his circadian rhythms so he can sleep at night.  For at least the past 10 years he's gotten only around 5-6 hours of sleep because he has trouble getting to sleep, even with sleep aids.  He has delayed sleep phase so we read that the best way to fix the problem is, instead of trying to go to bed early at night, go to bed later and later until you are on target for normal sleep.  It's taken him a week to get to the point where he's going to bed at 9 a.m. and sleeping, finally, for 8 hours.  I figure it will be another 2-3 weeks before he's got a normal sleeping pattern going.  In the meantime he's sleeping during the day.

Well, heading out to pick up some stuff at the store and then home to untangle while watching Tangled.



Carol said...

I think Gremlins get into yarn stashes and have a party. They do this when we're not looking.

Kathy said...

AHA! So that's what the problem is. LOL