Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Outer Limits was not a comedy

Today is laundry day and I'm going to get it all done in one day so tomorrow I can do something else.  I also got my winter clothes out of the basement because the temps are dropping here. although I'm sure we're not done with the heat yet.  I just need those transition clothes.

I've got most of the windows shut because of our wonderful breezes we get living on the side of the hill and will keep them open tonight but it's going to drop into the high 40s again so I'm putting a blanket on the bed.  The pets love it when I do that because they love my blanket.  Professor flips on his back and waggles back and forth, scratching his back on it.  Then he turns over and rubs his face all over it.  Hannibal is much more dignified and just lies on it.

I also got my pajamas out.  I'll be cozy tonight. And it will be quieter without the fans.  I'm so used to the noise I don't know if I can sleep without it.  But the electric bill will be nicer for it.

Zach is working on his sleep problems.  He was diagnosed as a newborn with delayed sleep phase and I ran into it online a few days ago and sent him the link.  It has to do with the circadian patterns being off so he's doing what the article says to do.  Instead of trying to get to sleep sooner and wake up sooner, which has never worked for him.  You go forward.  He will go to sleep an hour later and get up an hour later until he's got the right circadian rhythm going.  For a while he'll be sleeping days but within a month he should be back on track.  I hope so.

Now if I could just figure mine out.  It's not the same kind of insomnia he has.

I did get up a bit earlier today because I didn't want to sleep all day.  I haven't been brimming with energy but less depressed today and I have gotten more done.  I just don't want to overdo it and end up sleeping all day tomorrow.  The trash trucks will probably wake me up around 8 tomorrow since I don't have the fans to muffle the noise.  And that's good because I have a library book in that I need to pick up and can only do that before Tom goes to work.

Tom came home from work early last night, not feeling well.  He had to take a half a vacation day as he doesn't get sick days there.  He's been working 70 hour weeks, 6 days a week for nearly 3 years with only a few days off at a time.  I think he was just exhausted.  But he came in and watched The Outer Limits with me while he ate his supper.  I have the series on dvr because I found it on an obscure channel and thought it would be fun.  The night before last the episode starred William Shatner and although it wasn't a comedy, I laughed all the way through it.  His acting really has improved since then.  So James Doohan was in the episode we watched last night and we laughed through the whole episode.  The acting was okay and it was weird to see "Scotty" without his brogue, but the plot was hilarious.  Unintentionally.  Not to mention the special effects.  I know that for its time (early 1960s) it was really good, but in light of modern effects, it was hysterical..  Especially the episode with William Shatner and the silver cigar-shaped space ship that didn't just start descending, but flipped sideways and went straight down.  And the monster made of pipe cleaners and felt.  All in all a good time was had by all.

So I didn't get any knitting done aside from a couple of rows on the blue and white baby blanket.  I'm using that when I can't concentrate except I couldn't concentrate on even that last night.  I really want to get back to the frolicking deer (or as some call it...fornicating deer) hat because it's so much fun, even though I'm on the chaste deer right now.

Well, off to fix supper and sort through my winter clothes.  I don't have room for all of them right now so I'm going to get out only what I need for now.


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