Monday, September 26, 2011

Laid back so far I'm nearly falling over

Yesterday was a pretty restful day.  As restful as it can be with the house a mess.  But I've had to re-knit most of what I knit yesterday due to being too tired and making huge mistakes that I didn't catch.  I could go back to sleep now, to be honest.

So little by little I'm straightening up the house.  I removed the chair from the living room because I can't squeeze through to get to the armoir or to turn the light off beside the couch.  So the coffee table is back as a window seat and Professor is ecstatic as that's his catbird seat.  It opens up the window area making the room brighter, too. Which it needs because the living room is the darkest room in the house.

We've had rain off and on for 3 days now.  It's cloudy today with occasional bursts of sunlight out there.  I think that's what is making me so sleepy.  Or maybe it's just because I can...and should...sleep.  And maybe get a load of clothes started.  I can fold them tomorrow if I just wash and dry them today.

I had to frog back on the frolicking deer hat because the strands weren't long enough and were pulling in on the design.  It's better now although in places it seems too loose, but once the hat is on the head, the strands will put taut and be perfect.  I hope.  I did make pretty good progress until I started making too many mistakes and had to tink back so I just put it up for the rest of the night.  Maybe later tonight I'll knit on it some more.

I'm forcing myself to stay home because if I go to the store or even just go to town, I'll spend money and we've absolutely got to get back into tightwad mode...deluxe.  I have plenty of food so I don't need anything.  I might run out of milk but there is a convenience store a couple of blocks from here and the milk there is no more expensive than at StuffMart.  Plus a brisk walk downhill to get there and uphill to get back will do us good.

I can't think of anything else going on except for throwing things at the tv while watching House Hunters International.  I can't imagine thinking a 2200 sq yd vacation home would ever be too small.  Not to mention those outrageous budgets some of these people have...without even having a job.  Or when they move to another country without having investigated anything about that country.  One couple had never been to Uruguay put sold everything and moved down there without a job or without having even seen the place.  And they had to get an apartment RIGHT NOW.  Although I admit their apartment was lovely after they moved into it and they were one of the few couples who refused to go over their budget.

Well, off to watch another episode I've dvr'd.  I do love seeing how people live in other countries and there is a bit of a travelogue feel to the show as well.


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