Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drowsy Wednesday

I'm still fighting to stay awake and get some things done. I got a little bit more done Tuesday evening but still went to bed early. This after a 2 hour afternoon nap. I'm not sure why I'm sleeping so much and maybe I shouldn't worry about it. Heaven knows I've been in a sleep deficit for years. Decades even.

I got some shopping done today since tomorrow I'll be on the go a lot, taking Tom to work so I can have the car, so I can go to Maundy Thursday service. Then I'll have to go pick him up again. And since I'm not used to staying up that late anymore, this should be interesting.

I got two blueberry bushes today. I almost got some Russet seed potatoes but I'm not sure I want to use the space for that since potatoes are pretty cheap and I'm not sure I could store potatoes well enough to eat them all before they went bad. The tobacco plants are looking good and I'm still waiting on the tomato seeds I had to replant.

I've gotten next to no knitting done the past few days because I'm so tired and don't anticipate getting anything done tonight either because I really would like to go back to bed right now.

And I might just do that.

I might be coming down with something and that would account for it but aside from achy and tired with a headache, I've got no other symptoms. And those are all symptoms of fibromyalgia so who knows what's going on.


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