Thursday, March 25, 2010

Battling the blues

As I had a sleepless night Tuesday with a pain level of about 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10) I did a lot of napping yesterday and some angst-ridden time online with people who are opposed to the health care reform bill. Next time I'm staying away from the internet. A good movie and a knitting project is so much more soothing.

But I did sleep well last night and woke up much earlier than I'm used to. I productively got some errands run before Tom had to leave so I was able to use the car. Shopping, however, was in the afternoon using the truck.

I've got hat number 40 on the needles so as soon as I finish it I've got to start on the sweater vest for Bette at church. She picked out a lovely pink shade of Vanna's Choice so I have to figure out the pattern I want to use. She wants just plain boat neck which should be easy enough but she's tiny so I don't want to knit a vest too big for her. I've got to dig my patterns out before I decide to print out one I've got favorited from online. I should do that before it gets dark.

I'm making scalloped potatoes with cheese and fried ham tonight for supper. I'm trying to use up the rest of the ham from last month (it's been in the freezer so it's safe.) I don't love to cook so this isn't something that comes easy to me, figuring out a menu. And I like baking even less.

We have the coffee hour this week after church so I got some summer sausage, braunschweiger, cheese and crackers and some muffin mixes. I can work on all that Saturday at church since I've got altar guild anyway. And I need to swing by the library Saturday too so the whole day will pretty much be spent running around.

I'm really discouraged about my garden. Hannibal has eaten almost all the tomato plants. I couldn't blockade them enough. He found a way around everything I did. So the cover is back on because everything is short enough now to use it. I hate it because that sets me back about 3 weeks now. Buying the plants is too expensive unless I just want one or two for tomatoes to eat during the summer.

At least the tobacco is growing okay so far. I've got to fight these feelings of defeat. It comes to me way too easily and I just can't afford to give up this time. I hope I can muddle through this. It doesn't help on top of untreated depression.

Off to grab a quick nap before I start supper.


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Susie B said...

Can you grow some catnip for Hannibal? That might keep him from the tomatoes.