Monday, March 29, 2010

Drowsy Monday

I managed to make it to church this morning for the annual altar guild cleaning but I didn't go too early as I was going to do the shampooing of the carpet and that is a thing best done without a crowd. Unfortunately the owner of the steam cleaner had to go to work after she showed me how to work it and I couldn't get it to suck up the water. So I ended up not using a lot of the water so it would dry by tomorrow. I left fans on to speed up the drying. It looked better but I would have been happier if it had sucked the water out of the carpet.

Zach's adviser canceled on him so it will be another week before he can see her. I get tired of him not being able to contact her when he needs her. We ended up wasting a lot of money on a class for an internship that didn't pan out because he tried to contact her for months and she never responded...supposedly never got any of the emails. Then it was six weeks into the class before she informed him he needed to find his own internship. Very late in the game and one that didn't work out so we wasted a few hundred dollars on that deal. Now he needs this portfolio to graduate and is having trouble doing the project and we've already waited 2 weeks to get this appointment only to have to wait another week. My patience is wearing very thin.

I've spent most of the day napping although I did get a load of clothes in the wash and washed up the dirty dishes. I'm getting ready to start supper here in just a few. After that I'm heading back to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Church was good as usual yesterday. I had coffee hour so my partner in the altar guild did the clean up. I hated that she had to do it alone but I forgot it was our weekend when I signed up for coffee hour. No one else had and I didn't want to see Palm Sunday go without one.

Standing on my feet for it wore me out though. I've got to figure out a way to get my energy back.

My mother is having trouble with her arm. She thinks it's bursitis but it doesn't sound a bit like when I had it. It travels down her whole arm and feels like it's on fire. Daddy is going to try to get her to go back to the doctor. She tends to give them one chance and if they don't fix something, doesn't go back. But he's worried about her and frankly, so am I. It's her right arm so she uses it a lot. I told her to try not to but my mother won't slow down. At 76 she's still pretty darned active.

Well, supper isn't going to cook itself so I've got to get that one and then back to bed for me. I can barely keep my eyes open.


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