Friday, March 5, 2010

Will these beautiful days last?

It's going to be a Cadfael weekend. I picked up several dvds from the library today and since I'm behind in my knitting, the weekend will be catch up time. I still have another dvd on the fourth season of All Creatures Great and Small.

And I have tons of reading to do as well. My Lenten reading isn't going too well. Hard to read when your brain is mush. I am going to try, though. Maybe taking notes will help. I used to do that in college to help me understand and memorize facts and concepts. Maybe I could exercise my brain and be able to actually think again.

We're looking at temps in the high 40s for the weekend. I hope to start walking Professor again real soon. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day to start that. I keep wondering if we're getting teased and maybe there is another bad weather front on the way. It's just that I've just been burned so many times by the weather man I just can't trust him anymore. sob I'm thinking of breaking up with him. I mean, how can you have a relationship with someone who is always misleading you?

I must plant the seeds tomorrow though. I'm losing some wonderful sun that could be nourishing my baby seeds and making them grow.

I wish I could say I'm feeling better today and got a ton of things done. I wish I could say that, but I can't. It must be incredibly boring to read post after post of me whining that I don't feel good. Imagine having to live it day after day. But no one should have to listen to it so I'm going to try to find something else to blog about that doesn't include me having no energy and getting nothing done. If I forget, kick my butt and tell me to shut up and stop whining.

I'm not done for the day yet even though the sun is setting so I must away and get it done.


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