Monday, March 8, 2010

After the slumber

It's amazing that I could sleep as much as I have the past 3 days but I'm all the better for it. I managed to make it to church yesterday without dragging but I did take a long nap when I got home. And although I woke up early today and got some things done first thing, when I started getting sleepy I didn't fight it but went right down for another nap.

And so I have accomplished quite a bit today. Well, for me anyway.

Saturday I slept until noon and was worried that I wouldn't get back to sleep in time to get a good night's rest for church on Sunday but I had to fight to stay awake until about 9 or so. I think I slept a lot Friday, too.

From now on I'm not going to fight sleep. I'll give in to it and just let my body tell me what it needs. Maybe that is the key to getting my energy back.

I have the seeds planted. I went with 96 tobacco seeds and I think 18 tomato seeds. I got the wrong kind of pepper seeds so I'll need to pick it up next time I go to the store.

One huge accomplishment this month was being able to pay the quarterly insurance bill without dipping into savings or going into the red. It's hard to believe we were able to do that so there is maybe a blush of light at the end of that tunnel after all.

And next month should be even better considering our gas and electric bill will be even less. This month's bill is only $114 and some change. Amazing.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling the basement and getting some stuff hauled out to the trash bin since it's pick up day. And I need to do some bleaching on the floors before summer so we don't gag from the winter mold and mildew amassing.

And next week I plan on getting the bathroom ready for painting. I think we're close enough that I can turn the heat up a bit if I need to for the paint to cure.

And I'm hoping that this week we can buy the tools Tom needs to fix the truck. I really would like to participate in the Lenten activities at church but since they're all at night and the truck only has one headlight (and for some reason the police notice us and not the other 99 people out there driving with one headlight) I don't drive at night.

I've finished 28 hats so far and am so close to finishing the blanket. A woman at church is having her grade school class make blankets for the Haitian babies as well. And I saw a 2 foot high stack of blankets in the corner of the narthex yesterday.

Jan is planning on going down next trip. She said they were having difficulties convincing the parents that the school building is safe enough for the children to resume school. I have to say that I really understand their hesitancy though. And she also said that they have more crutches than they can use as well. It's amazing how generous so many people are. Our diocese raised over $40,000 for the Haiti project, over $30,000 for Episcopal Relief efforts and someone else donated a bunch of money for something else (I can't remember what else it was.) It really makes me happy and restores my faith in people.

Impossible Pie for supper (I love meals I can pop in the toaster oven) with corn and green beans. Alnd the dishes are almost washed up as well so all I need to do after supper is to finish them up and vacuum and sweep the kitchen floor. I think I'll mop tomorrow.

I'm taking down some of the winterizing effects. I took down the curtains off the foyer so the sun can come inside better. Tomorrow I'm going to clear out the back hallway and take that curtain down as well. I'll keep the plastic on the windows until May most likely though. We still have some cold nights ahead of us and I suspect some cold days. But we don't necessarily need to block off the hallways anymore. At least it makes me feel like spring is around the corner this way.

And according to the calendar it is as well.


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