Thursday, March 18, 2010

The glass is just too darned big.

There are times I think about just not blogging anymore since I never seem to post anything positive. It feels like I'm a constant whiner, never looking at the glass half-full. Zach found an interesting quote online that stated something like: It's not whether the glass is half empty or half full. It's whether or not you've got too big a glass. For some reason I like that. I think my glass is too big.

I got a bill yesterday from the rhematologist's office for the full amount of the bill, the insurance company declining to pay because I don't appear to be insured by them. sigh I don't know why everything has to be such an uphill battle getting them to pay out every single one of my bills. Most times they get by with it because I have no idea why they won't pay out and I can't find anyone to tell me. So please explain to me why we don't need health care reform? Explain to me why the insurance companies aren't taking advantage of people on a grand scale.

So now I sit today waiting for Tom to go to work and talk to the guy who knows these things to find out if I'm still insured. Because if they dropped me, I'm toast. I'll never be able to get insurance again. If Zach was denied coverage because of his Tourette Syndrome/OCD, then I'm for sure not going to get coverage for cancer/diabetes/high blood pressure/high cholesterol.

On the positive side, I have tomato plants peeking through the soil of my seed tray and a few tobacco plants as well. The tobacco plants are super tiny (as were the seeds) so it may be that not all of them germinated and I'll have to start more. But it does cheer me up to see those green things.

On the other hand the forecast for Sunday is 7 inches of snow.

Yesterday was spent darning socks. I found 27 of Tom's socks with holes (not huge ones) of a reparable state so I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and darned socks all afternoon into the evening. It's tedious work but does save money in the long run. I didn't have a darning egg though and since light bulbs aren't round anymore couldn't use one of those either. I found some larger sized plastic Easter eggs at the store and they work beautifully. Just the right size. And only a dollar.

I started another hat, which would be number 34, and worked on the blanket while watching New Tricks, season one. I love that show! The other hats and one blanket are on their way to Haiti now. They had to get there before the end of the month in order to avoid duty fees.

Today looks to be a busy day so I'm off to get some things done.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,
Sorry to hear you have so many worries. It's bad enough being unwell but then having to worry about paying for your healthcare must be so disheartening.

At least your president is trying to do something. He had planned to visit Australia soon but deferred it so that he can work on health reforms. It makes sense when you hear your personal story. My Mum died of cancer 12 years ago and nearly all her treatment was paid by our government medicare. Here's hoping Obama gets this passed.

Cheers Anne