Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ah, yes...spring and the return of the squirrels

It's raining and gloomy and the squirrels are annoying Professor again. Ah, yes...spring.

I've got the ham in the oven and it will be a couple of hours before it's done. I've rethought the potato soup and am going with just boiled potatoes (with french fries for Zach, of course) and peas.

And I'm dragging again. sigh

I tried napping but the squirrels are venturing out and Professor takes this as a personal affront. He simply must announce to the world that hates squirrels, the paper person and the postal carrier. Loudly and frequently. So much for a nap.

It's been a couple of days since we've seen the sun but this won't last forever and at least it's still warm enough that the furnace isn't kicking on a lot. Hope is on the horizon. There are green patches among the brown in the yard and the snow is soon to be a memory. At least the wall of snow that borders the street is merely a hurdle now. In a few weeks we'll be allowed to park on the street again and won't have to juggle the vehicles. For a while anyway.

Zach's meeting is in the home of the Senior Warden and not the church so I'm having to re-think the plans. I guess I'll have to take Tom to work and pick him up again. Plus Zach has to meet with his advisor sometime in the next couple of weeks so another trip up to Fond du Lac is in the works. I had hoped not to go back up there again but it's necessary.

I'm going to try to nap again after I bring Professor back in again. Not that I think it will work since the mail carrier is due any time now.


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