Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pizza for supper

A day of errands and knitting for the most part. I had books to return and movies to pick up at the library: Jonathan Creek, Brideshead Revisited (volume 1,) Revelations, The Number 23, Hot Fuzz and Madagascar. And Boston Legal, season 2, for Tom.

And store bought pizza for supper because I'm having a lazy day.

I finished up the blanket, including weaving in the ends and now have 28 hats completed. Barring a serious interference, there is no problem with meeting my goals. I have a compelling need to start another blanket though. I just must do.

I haven't been spending a lot of time online lately and I'm really not missing it. And while I'm still not at peak efficiency, I think I'm going to get there. Today wasn't a bang up day for getting things done but at least I wasn't totally fatigued out from the activity yesterday. Sleeping seems to be the key here.

I did sleep in a bit today but I didn't take a nap even though I really wanted one. Not being able to drive the truck at night limits me to a certain time frame to get the errands done. And while the days are lengthening, it's still not enough for me to leave later in the afternoon. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage next week as Zach has a Vestry meeting at 7 p.m. and it's dark by then. He'll have a ride home but I'm not sure how to get him there when the sun is still setting at 5:30. Daylight Savings Time will kick in but that still makes things a bit dodgy making it all work out. I guess I can take him early and let him in to wait. He can play games on his computer while he waits for everyone to show up. But it can get a bit creepy in the building by yourself. Still, he'll be okay since it wouldn't be for longer than 45 minutes or so.

I've been watering the seedlings and turning the trays so each one gets the same amount of sun in the course of a week. I just have the one window so I'm limited on how much I can plant and as it isn't full sun all day it works out, I think, if I just switch and turn the trays every other day. At least I hope so.

It was a gray day but nice. I discovered on the way home that I need new wipers on the truck. The passenger side blew apart and the driver's side smears too badly to actually see the road but as it was mostly misting, I didn't need to use them constantly. Good thing it's a short drive.

It's late and I just got up to switch dvds before starting another blanket and thought I should write down a few lines for the blog. Tomorrow will most likely be filled with the things I didn't get done today including making a bit pot of potato soup. And probably baking a ham. It was 98 cents a pound so I grabbed one up. I'll cook it up, divide it and pop some in the freezer and have the rest with the potato soup for supper. I've got fries for Zach as those are the only potatoes he'll eat.


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