Monday, March 15, 2010

A gorgeous day

It was a good day. Not only was there sunshine and warmth, there also was sleep. Maybe not 8 hours, but uninterrupted 6 is still good.

I started out the day hopping out of bed...okay...crawling out of bed, letting the Professor out for his morning wee and a trip down to the basement to start a load of whites to hang out in the sunshine.

Tom had taken down the rope that went across the back yard, to which we had attached a caribeener and a lead so either Hannibal or Professor could navigate the back yard. Well, he discovered that it was pulling on the addition and that was one of the reasons the back door couldn't latch during the winter. Hannibal is no longer allowed out but Professor still needed some way to enjoy the back yard so I attached a lead to the clothesline and he spent a good part of the morning out there. I brought him in when Zach and I headed to the library and credit union.

I also made a side trip to StuffMart because I decided I needed to get a better hand on my diabetes (I'm terrible at taking my sugar) and bought some food that I could use to do a South Beach type diet. I took my sugar this morning and in spite of having a sugar binge this week, my sugar was barely over the top number. My after lunch testing had me way low. I'm wondering just what I need to do to get my sugar level...or at least high enough. I had this problem once before when I first was diagnosed. My levels were so low I had to add sugar back into my diet. I mean really the 70s after meals 70s.

My last A1C was well below the high level in spite of me eating more sugar than I should have.

I'm so confused.

I weighed myself this morning and I still haven't gained any weight from 2 years ago. But I'm tired of my clothes not fitting and not feeling good so I'm going to try to knock off 20 pounds. Just focus on those 20 pounds and see if I feel better after that. It's just too overwhelming to try to lose all I need to lose so every little bit helps.

Anyway...I dashed by the church on the way home because we're brown-bagging a lunch with the priest tomorrow so I dropped off some Sprite so it would be cold for lunch and found the church doors open. I looked around and didn't see anyone or evidence of anyone so I locked up and Zach is going to email Mary to let her know.

I've got tuna salad and a lettuce salad to fix tomorrow morning and chop up some broccoli instead of chips. Not a lot of work but I like it fresh so I don't want to fix it all tonight.

Besides, I'm pretty sure I'm having withdrawal and need to rearrange my bedroom. And I have to do it before dark since I only have one light in there and can't unplug it to move it if it's dark in there.

Supper tonight are hamburgers using the George Foreman grill and a green vegetable and maybe some carrot sticks. I'm being so good. LOL!

And the next load of clothes is nearly ready to go on the line so...


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