Friday, March 12, 2010

Dry Spell

I hesitate to post because I'm just reiterating the same things over and over again: I'm so freakin' tired I can't get anything done and what I do get done is so mundane as to be too ridiculous to post. Oh, and I wake up in pain and can't get back to sleep until the meds kick in so I'm back to not sleeping through the night.

And now that spring is around the corner, the rat-bastard squirrels and chipmunks are playing in the yard annoying Professor who isn't reticent to voice his disapproval.

Grumpy much?

StuffMart had Babylon 5 last week and while I couldn't afford it now, I was thinking that maybe with Mother's Day coming up someone might want to surprise me with a season or two. They are completely out. Don't even have an empty space for them anymore.

I had to get windshield wipers for both vehicles today and boy, howdy! that's not cheap. But what the have to have them and getting the cheapest brand doesn't make good sense because they only seem to last a couple of months.

Yeah...and grouchy, too.

So I'm going to bed now before I get even crankier and try to get some knitting done while I watch All Creatures Great and Small, season 6...the last season. The library doesn't have any of the specials so this is all I'll get to see, I guess. I also got season 3 of Jonathan Creek. I'm not sure I've seen that season.

I've given up on Ghost Whisperer. I'm bored with the story line and if I change my mind I can always watch it in syndication.

I think it's too late. I think I've gone beyond cranky. Off to bed for sure.


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