Sunday, March 14, 2010

I like to fall back much more than spring forward

I did remember to turn the clock ahead but my body couldn't respond that quickly and I didn't get to sleep until about 5:30 a.m. I tried to get up at 7:30 to get ready for church but with the pain pills I had taken and lack of sleep I didn't trust myself to drive there, let alone try to drive home. I hated missing church but I would have hated having an accident even worse.

I've been dozing on and off all day and I feel a bit better except for the pain. I tend to put off taking a pill until it gets bad. Yet I try to get it into my system before it gets BAD. It's hard knowing when that cutoff line is.

I've finished up 31 hats and 2 blankets. I'm halfway done on the 32nd hat and not very far along on the 3rd blanket. Oddly, I'm not bored yet. That surprises me because my boredom level is pretty darned high. That's why I generally have several projects going on at once.

It was a lovely day...didn't need the furnace at all today...or last night either. The gas and electric bill should be pretty nice next month. It's not bad at all this month. Water, on the other hand, has gone up a lot since they switched to a monthly bill. We can't win.

I'm planning on washing clothes tomorrow so I can hang them out. It promises to be another lovely day. I haven't seen the forecast beyond that but hopefully the days of using the dryer are going to be fewer and farther between from now on. Every penny saved...

My seedlings still appear to be seeds so far. I still have a few days before they're supposed to peek their greenness out from the seed pods in the tray. I'm not very good at gardening but so much is at stake this year. I must have a good garden. I must.

The neighbor's house has a sale pending sign on it. Amazing that it sold so quickly, but it is a small, starter home so it's either a small family or a landlord has bought it to rent out. There is some rental property on the other side of the house and they are pretty good neighbors so I have high hopes for whoever buys it. We tend to all keep to ourselves around here except for the regular neighborliness...the howdys, and the waving and taking care of each other's sidewalks during the snow. Otherwise it's just live and let live. Just the way I like it.

I fixed up a window seat for Professor today so he could sit in all his glory and survey his kingdom. Being on the side of a hill and having a full street view makes him feel like he owns it all and whenever anyone dares to walk on his property (as far as the eye can see he thinks is all his) he has to warn them off. The joys of spring and summer are coming up. I got his barking collar out of the drawer and have it set aside for those nights when we are ready to open up the windows. Which doesn't seem to be that far off.

There is a mini-series starting tonight on HBO called The Pacific that I think Tom wants to see. He's a fan of documentaries and stuff about history, particularly WWII so we'll give it a viewing to see if it's any good. He's been having a ball with Boston Legal season 2 that I got from the library. I haven't heard him laugh that much in ages. It's good to hear.

Here's hoping that I can get some sleep tonight so I can get some work done outside tomorrow, along with washing and hopefully some baking.


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