Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Calorimetry, how I love thee

I want to make one for each day of the week. And maybe for each month in the year. Or maybe...nah. But I do like it...a lot! I chose Jesse's Flames colors because I had some bobbins left from Zach's sleeves. It was a quick knit...took one evening of watching Monarch of the Glen...and I like the way it turned out. I have a small head so it's a bit big on me but fortunately the holes left from the short-rowing gave me options so I just used the next one up for a buttonhole.

We drew names for Christmas so I need to get started on mine. I've got my husband's baby sister and she's more of an earth-toned person (I don't think I've ever seen her in bold colors) so I'm thinking of the chocoloate brown sock yarn upstairs for a pair of cabled socks and a calorimetry in some kinds of neutral color. Her hair is blonde so maybe a brown as well.

Today is the long day for Zach's school so I plan on working on the Sabbatical Socks and the baby hat. I need to get busy at home on spinning so I may just do my knitting in the car for the next week or so. Or at the computer. I can't spin and read blogs at the same time.

I found out yesterday that the library is having a Knit In next month to knit things for the homeless shelter and the women's shelter. I'm seriously considering it in spite of that shy bug I have to deal with.

Speaking of bugs, I feel so much better. I didn't get as sick as I usually do with colds. I think part of it has to do with being healthier and part because I took vitamin C with echinacea and zinc lozenges. Something worked better anyway.

Off to get some work done.



Cookie said...

Very nice. Well done, you!

You can reduce the number of stitches you cast on and get a smaller finished product. I had to do that when I made mine and I've got a huge head. *L*

You don't have to be social at the knitting thingy, ya know. You can just go and be yourself. I doubt anyone will force you to be outgoing. Just a thought...

Kay said...

By all means, go to the knitting thing. I know how you feel, but knitters are a whole different lot than the mainstream and most are very kind.

Good luck. Wish I could go, too!

Sonya said...

Ok ok, I have seen so many of these that now I am going to have to make one. Love yours.