Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm thinking of requisitioning a new brain. One that actually works. Obviously this one has been used up and there are no more brain cells left.

So this is what happened. Zach had labs today and since this is the day we beat the checks to the bank deposit the miniscule paycheck in the bank, return the books/movies to the library and buy the groceries, I had a lot on my mind. We went to the bank first, swung by the library because Knitting with Balls was due back today and far be it for me to keep the next person in line waiting. Then we went to Wendy's where we ate off the value menu and listened to some person hacking and belching over their meal at the table next to us. Yummmm...

When that was done, I dropped Zach at his college and I walked over to NotStuffMart to get my prescriptions. A very brisk walk, I might add. I was wondering where my little terrier was and where the heck was the old lady on the bicycle with the tall pointy hat? Auntie Em, Auntie Em. Walking back to the car was easier with the wind at my back.

Then I settled in for some good knitting and the death of Dumbledore. I'm up to row 92 on Stor Rund Dug and it's much smoother knitting right now. (I did have to knit through tears for a while though.)

Two hours later, Zach was done and we drove over to StuffMart to get the groceries. I went in alone while Zach stayed out in the car. Because we now own two cars with all the insurance that goes along with this, I was being extra careful with my purchases and was patting myself on the back for my tightwadding as I walked to the car. Because I had a huge 40 pound bag of salt for the water softener I had to bend down to get it out from under the cart. My purse fell off my shoulder so I just set it on the ground. Zach, meanwhile, got out of the car and was helping put the groceries in the car. Here in this neck of the woods we get some bodacious winds year round and this was one of those days. So windy the trunk wouldn't stay open. As someone who has had the back of my head whacked on more than one occasion, I held the trunk open for Zach while he finished. When he was done he put the cart in the cart return and we drove off.

Do you see what is wrong with this picture so far?

We drove home during which time Dumbledore's funeral was taking place and I was concentrating on the homefromwork traffic (I don't dare call it rush hour in a town of 3000+ people.) I carry a lot of bags with me when I take Zach to school. On more than one occasion I have gotten there without my purse. (What's one more bag anyway?) I gathered up everything from the car and dropped it in the dining room. I looked down and didn't see my purse so I went out to the car to get it while Zach was bringing in the groceries. It wasn't in the back seat! Oh, nooooo. The last thing I remembered was setting it on the ground behind the car. And since I drove forward instead of backing out of my parking space...

I slammed the trunk down and told Zach what happened and raced back to StuffMart...which is about a 20 minute drive. The whole time I listened to the funeral and subsequent story while trying to calm the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. (And I admit there was a lot of frantic praying going on there, too.)

Finally, after what seemed like a week, I pulled into the parking space I was in about 50 minutes previously. Of course no purse. I ran into the store only to find a huge line at customer service. Grrrrrr... And me with no knitting.

My turn came and the woman who waited on me called someone else over to tell me that no, no purse had been turned in, sorry very much, nothing we can do about it.

I was in a panic. My prescriptions were in there. My checkbook, my credit cards, cash, pain pills. I was in tears. I saw the cart boys out in the parking lot and went over to talk to them. They, at least, were sympathetic and promised to look out for it.

I slouched back to the car and was surprised to see this blue truck pull up next to mine with my men in it, Zach holding my purse aloft. I danced ran to the truck and asked them where they found it, thinking someone just dropped it off at the house.

Wait for it....

It was in the dining room with my knitting bags right where I had left it when I brought everything in from the car.

I'm going to bed now. If anyone knows of a sale on brains, please let me know.



Angie said...

Oh my. Dearie, take a powder and rest....all will be better in the morning. :-) (btw, you are not alone in having situations like that...*ahem*)

Kay said...

That would be funny, if it weren't so frightening. I'm glad you didn't lose your purse! I found a billfold in a box store parking lot once. We took it in the store, and they were totally surprised that someone would have turned it in; there was a bit of cash in it. The store returned it to its rightful owner (a young boy) and the boy's mother called to thank us for turning it in. Honesty. It just feels right. And it is.

Kathy Wajerski said...

I was so sure someone had taken it once I found out it hadn't been turned in (because of course, it wasn't there to be turned in.)

I guess I'm a bit naive because I think most people turn this stuff in. I found a bank bag in a shopping cart in the parking lot one day. It was extraordinarily heavy but I didn't look in it. I turned it in to customer service and after I turned to leave the woman shrieked. I turned back to see what the problem was and she asked me if I had looked in the bag. I said no and she showed me. In it was a lot of cash, some receipts and a handgun.

Right there in the parking lot where any kid could have gotten it. And it was loaded.

And the jerk who left it there didn't even thank me for it. The csr (it was my home town) told him who found it and under what circumstances. She said he just grunted and walked off with it.

I guess I think people want to do the right thing most of the time.

But I tell you, I have absolutely no memory of picking that purse up up and putting it in the back seat. None.

Cookie said...


Thank goodness it was safe the whole time!

I hope today is uneventful in your world. *hugs*