Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ramblings and someone else's birthday

This has been a week of UFOs so far. As well as OTNs getting finished. I finished the blanket/curtain I started last winter. It's very ordinary looking so I'm not taking a picture of it. Gryffindor colors with a garter stitch border and garter stitch row separating the colors.

I am almost finished with the hood portion of the hooded sweater on Lion Brand's site. There is a link in the post below. I'm terribly lazy today and don't feel up to hunting down links. Aren't I awful? But the fatigue aspect of my fibromyalgia is catching up with me and I have no energy. Anyway...I digress. I have the hood to finish, the pocket to knit and stitch on and the seams. It's a plain chocolate brown color and I think it's going to be way too big for me. I started it last year when I was 62 pounds heavier and although this is a large and not an extra-large, it still looks too big. It's to gauge though so maybe it's supposed to be a loose fit. I think I can handle that. If I can't, then Zach will get another sweater.

I've been working on the Stor Rund Dug as well. I'm up to round 87. It looks really good but I'm not sure how wide it will be. If I do this again, I will invest in more 16" needles so I have options. Maybe size 10. But it's for a 10 year old so I think it will be fine.

My baby is 19 today. It's so hard to believe. It truly seems such a short time ago he was taking his first steps. And now he is a man. Quite a fine one, too. He's going to make someone very happy in the future.

We are buying a used truck tomorrow. Zach's schedule will be frantic starting next week and we can no longer survive with just one vehicle. It's a Dodge Dakota in very nice shape. It was a company truck, used for business purposes so it's a bit high mileage, but the price was right. And we really do need a truck for a second vehicle for Tom's hunting and other hauling you just can't do in a Concorde. So first thing tomorrow we go pick it up. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow. I think we may actually see the sun for once.

I'm waning on enthusiasm for the vegetarian diet. I'm not terribly imaginative and the cookbooks call for ingredients I don't have, can't pronounce and wouldn't know where to buy. I've tried to cook just plain meals with plain food but I have to say I'm hungry all the time. I did manage to lose a pound or two but all I think about is food. Not necessarily meat but I just don't feel satisfied. I'm making pizza tonight and will have mine veggie but I don't know if this is going to work out for me.

I'm just drained so I think I will go rest and knit some more on a baby sweater that was sitting in a bag in the corner for quite a while and watch Bones (the first season.) Apparently it was only a one week loan from the library so I won't be able to finish the whole season and there is a waiting list so I can't renew it. Dang. Should have done a marathon over the weekend.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.


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