Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No sock love

Sorry for the neglect. I'm getting used to Zach's new schedule and I've been busy working on Stor Rund Dug which is now off the needles. I couldn't take 30 more rows of it so I bound off at row 101. I was using two circular needles and still didn't have room. The dang thing kept slipping off the needles and trying to pick up yarn overs isn't my idea of fun. So I will finish up with crocheting. I did a round of double crochet and while not gorgeous, doesn't look bad at all. I tried to do a shell design but it clashed with the lovely lace already on it.

I'm not loving the socks. I went with plain vanilla because the color would compete with a texture pattern. I'll get pictures tomorrow but the green/white colorway comes out looking like camouflage and I'm pretty sure my sister isn't going to try to hide out in any European jungles. I may have to use the Baby Ull for her socks since she wants green and that's the only other thing I've got in green. I'm just not sure how baby yarn will hold up as socks. I'm not going to buy nylon to knit into it though. She'll be here this weekend so I'll let her decide.

I'm back where I was when I frogged the Slytherin Crest bag. Got a lot done today while listening to Anne of Avonlea. I went through three audiobooks before I found one I could listen to. Interview with a Vampire is a terrific book but the narrator had serious monotone problems. And Artemis Fowl had a great narrator (Nathaniel Parker...be still my heart) but I didn't like the story. Then I tried Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brien because I loved the movie and had read the first book before, but it just didn't hold my interest right now. It's still a good book and the narrator is great, but just not right now when I've got 10,239,423 things on my mind.

And yes, I counted.

So I happily knit while listening in the parking lot in the new truck which is not a bad place to spend some time. But I also decided to go for a walk and since Zach's college is right next to the high school, I walked over behind the parking lot and watched the game for a while. It was nice because I could still see and hear the announcer but I was far enough away from the roaring crowd.

Gosh, those guys look so little.

I've got a new project I need to start (heck, I've got more than one but only so many needles.) It's a delicate subject but since I've lost weight my prosthesis is a bit...um...large. So I need to either add more boobage to the right side or remove boobage from the left one. Knitty has a pattern for a fake one so I'm going to make me one. I know I could get a free prosthesis with my insurance but I only get so many of those and want to wait until I've lost all the weight (and after today that's not going to be any time soon...had a major diet meltdown today but I am back on the horse and riding again) before I get a new one. I thought about reconstruction but me and anesthesia aren't good friends and I don't willingly take medicine that makes me hurl for 2 hours straight. Nope, not me.

I'm doing very well without cable tv. We don't get local channels either so it's strictly dvds, tapes or the internet. The house is wonderfully quiet and I watch what I want when I want it. It's like I'm in charge or something.

I talked to my older son today who is in Sandy Eggo and he's doing okay so far. He's still a ways away from the fires but they are watching and he said that it's hard to be outside for any length of time because his eyes burn so badly. We used to live there so this feels personal.

I will definitely remember the people there in my evening and morning prayers. Along with everyone on my prayer list.


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