Thursday, November 1, 2007

Frog, not frog. Frog

Okay, I still hate the sock. I tried to love it since Peg did but she's not knitting it. I am. She only has to wear it which isn't as in-your-face intimate as knitting it is. I tried it on when I got to the foot and it's too big for me (which I can't figure out since another pair made with the same stitch/needle size does fit me and this is fingering weight yarn...maybe my subconscious is knitting it looser just because I hate it?) so I know it will be too big for Peg.


I'm making it into Jays because I think with this wacky camouflage pattern Jays might work. It worked with the Paintbox socks.

I lost my knitting mojo last night while waiting for Zach. I didn't like any of the projects I brought, didn't like knitting period at that moment and wished desperately I had brought Zach's Nintendo DS with me.


I listened to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and fell asleep. Or zoned or something. When Zach woke me up I was still aware of where I was in the book so I must have listened in my sleep. Hey! I wonder if that will work all the time.

Got my mojo back when I frogged the sock. Now I like the projects I took last night and want to work on them today.

But I'm taking the DS just in case.


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Cookie said...

Fingering weight yarns can vary when it comes to gauge. Some are thinner or thicker than others. That's why if you haven't used the yarn before and/or having used the pattern before you may want to swatch. Trust me. I'm there right now. :?

I hope the knitting mojo sticks around this time.