Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Jays! Pant if you will.

Finished them last night and have been searching for another pattern for the Opal sock yarn. The Opals will be my sister's sabbatical socks for next year so I want them to be special. After all they will be traveling to St. Louis, Hungary, and Alaska.

I read on Ravelry that many people are having trouble getting their socks over the heel so I was a bit concerned but I had made an adjustment because I have wide feet and didn't decrease down smaller than the previous 19 sts per needle. They slide right on and feel so good. I don't know if I'm going to keep these but just in case I do, they fit me.

We made a decision today to cancel our cable tv next month. Truthfully, I watch more dvds and videos than what's on and what is on I can get on the internet. And there are so many audiobooks I want to "read" that I don't have time for. I thought Tom would be against it because he loves documentaries but he's all for it. I showed him the huge selection of documentaries they have at the library today, not to mention the ones we can request from interlibrary loan. I don't think we can pick up any stations locally because we're so far away from a major city. I have a powered antenna so we will see.

And Zach rarely watches tv on the tv anymore. He watches his stuff on the internet. It's a savings of about $50 a month with the package we have but it goes away next month so that would add $30 to our bill. essence I'm saving $80. At this stage with a boy in college, every penny counts.

I just found out we have to pony up for next semester in November. I'm not ready!

I'm loving the Stor Rund Dug. It's going to be so beautiful (aside from the many mistakes I have creatively covered up instead of tinking back because each round takes a long time to knit and tinking isn't an option, sorry.) It won't really look good in picture form until it's off the needles. I still have a ways to go.

I'm about ready to start making more bears for Haiti. I need some projects that I can actually finish from time to time. I have tons of stash yarn that will make for colorful bears. I can make girl bears, too, with hair and everything. Well, maybe not everything.

I hope I find something soon. It's almost time for Torchwood. And yes, I will miss that but that's about the only thing I can't get at the library yet. But I figure the season will be over by the time we shut it off.



Angie said...

Great socks! Nice colors, too! I vote that you should keep them. :-D

Kay said...

I think you should keep the Jaywalkers, too. They look great; perfect Fall colors.

Kathy Wajerski said...

Okay, you guys win. I'm keeping them.

Thanks, I think they look fallish, too. Much better than the leaves this year. Too little rain, I think, because the leaves didn't turn very well at all.