Thursday, October 4, 2007

FO Thursday and other stuff

Is one sock an FO? No? Dang. Well, anyway...the Jaywalker, ladies and gentlemen. I like the way the ripples accent the colorway. I'm past the ribbing on the second sock. I don't know why, with all my other issues as a knitter, second sock syndrome has never been a problem for me.

Not an FO but pretty darn close. I'm zipping through this prayer shawl and should be done by tomorrow. I want to be able to give it to her daughter-in-law at church on Sunday. I wish you could see the subtle striping. I'll try to get a picture of it outdoors tomorrow. Maybe in decent lighting it will show up.

Okay, this is probably the only FO I've actually got. Except for the buttons. Haven't found the right ones yet. There's a skirt on Knitty I plan on making to go along with the sweater. I'm planning on making it in green with pink pleat insets. Gosh I hope this fits her.

I have washed and hung out 3,289,445 loads of laundry today. Well, maybe not quite that many but it sure feels like it. I need to wash the stuff I pulled out of the attic, even the things I'm giving to the thrift store. I hate looking at stuff in thrift stores that smells like...well, like an attic. Good thing it's a lovely day for it. Simply gooorjus out there.

I will have Jesse's Flames done in time for Zach's birthday. Honest I will. I'm past the intarsia on the second sleeve and almost ready to start decreasing. I have a million (maybe I exaggerate) ends to weave in, sew up seams and knit the neck. Considering Zach's schedule changes in a couple of weeks and he'll be spending more time at school, it shouldn't be a problem.

I deleted a blog today from my favorite places. I was tempted to do it before but because the author was pretty "famous" decided to keep it. But as much as I am interested in the knitter behind the knitting, I'm not interested in reading a soap box that puts down people from a different mindset politically and spiritually.

I don't get into that on my blog because I'm of the philosophy that people can come to different conclusions even when looking at the same evidence. I'm pretty darn conservative on a lot of issues, but in some cases tend to veer off to the left. Mostly, though, I leave myself open to looking at the other side as well. Heaven knows, I don't think I'm so good at this that I'm right on everything. I'll read someone's blog if they want to discuss it, but if they want to have the last word and tell their readers that people who believe X are stupid, ignorant or impeding progress then I'm outta there.

(Of course, what is worse, are the "me-too" groupies.)

This author has said stuff before about things I hold near and dear (that are not knitting-related) in a not-so-very-nice-tone. Sure she's entitled to write whatever she wants on her blog. And I am entitled to not read it.

'Nuff said.


Adrienne said...

THe pink sweater is adorable! I hear ya on the laundry! LOL, it's like that here EVERY day lol

Angie said...

Very cute pink sweater...very cute!

AlisonH said...

That pink sweater is adorable. That shawl is going to be very much appreciated. And that sock is great fun--very Octobery, I like it!

Cookie said...

Very cute little sweater!

I'm sorry it came to that, but some times it's easier to remove someone than to be upset by their yammering.