Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter is still with us

...which I knew even before it snowed last night.  And today.  But thankfully will be clear on Monday when I have to drive up north for a dr's appointment.

At least it's pretty because it's very wet and is clinging to everything.  And it's not like we got a lot of it...merely a couple of inches, but I don't know how much the snow we're getting now will be. But the eagles are doing okay since they don't appear to have gotten much snow either.

I knitted for a bit on the socks last night. I finished up one and am past the ribbing into the bamboo pattern.  I had to fidget with it a bit since I had taken the book back to the library without writing down the pattern.  But it was easy to figure out from the first sock and I'm making good progress.

But I fell asleep at around 9:30 p.m. and woke up whenever Tom got home.  I didn't stay up long, though, and slept until 8:30 when Professor needed out.  Then back to bed until around noon.  And I didn't want to get up then but Professor was insistent.

Tonight I hope to work on the Tree of Life afghan and watch more commentary on the Fellowship of the Ring.  I'm re-reading the books, too, since I haven't read them in a few years.  I stopped counting the number of times I read the books when it hit 35 so I'm not sure how many times I've actually read them, but since it's been a number of years, I need to refresh my memory.  Especially since some of the movie bits get mixed up in my mind with the book bits.

I've got plans for organization next week.  Or maybe this weekend.  But not today.  I'm moving the rack from the south window in the dining room since I'm not going to have a garden this year (although Tom told me he has a problem with it since he wants a garden but since he doesn't do any of the work for it, I'm pulling rank.  Normally I acquiesce to his desires but this time, I'm asserting myself.) I don't need the rack there.  None of my herbs are doing very well at all for some reason so I'm taking up space I could use for something else.  I'm moving the rack into my room so I can store knitting, drawling and spiritual supplies on it.  Zach is taking the bookcase into his room (it's a short, 2-shelf thing) and put his tv on it along with his game supplies and I'll get my end table back. I worry that Hannibal will knock the tv off of it; plus it's sitting in the middle of his room and takes up too much space.  This will give Zach more room to walk around in there.

Maybe tomorrow.  I do hate putting things off once I've decided to do it.

Pizza tonight for supper because I had errands to run today.  I had medicine in at the pharmacy so I just made a library run at the same time so I didn't have to go back next week.  With gas at nearly $4 a gallon, we need to limit our trips in the car.  Especially to the dr up in Fond du Lac.

I didn't make up the couch today because I wasn't going to use the couch anyway.  I think I might just make it up on the weekends since no one sits in there during the week.  I plan on moving a card table into the corner where the rack is now and set up an art studio again.  Drawing there was a lot better because of the light and I have a portable easel that Tom made for me years ago I can set on top of it and my computer chair has different height settings so I can adjust the chair to fit the height of the easel.  I really would like to stick to it this time, even if I don't use it for anything other than my own pleasure.

But for now, I think I'm going to hop into my pajamas and crawl into bed, knit and watch tv.  And maybe nap a bit.  I think I'm making up for all the lost sleep these past couple of months.  I really hate insomnia.


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