Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rising out of that pit

I"m feeling better today.  I even made up the couch with no problems.  And although I'm not bouncing off the walls, I do feel a smidgen more energy.  Just a smidgen though.  And my mood is definitely improving.  When I can start looking forward to things, I know the depression is lifting again.  I just have to ride it out.  Although this wave was a big one and lasted a lot longer than normal.

I was going to wait until tomorrow to run errands and pay the bills but we're anticipating a snow storm that is apparently unpredictable.  Could be an inch of snow; could be 8 inches.  So I thought it best to take care of everything today instead.  Also I want Tom to take the minivan tomorrow since it drives so much better on snow and slush. 

I'm making progress on the Tree of Life afghan but I'm still tinking away on the sock, trying to find my mistake.  So far I can't find it.  I suppose I could have just fixed the mistake and moved on but these things bother me and I would never be able to enjoy the sock otherwise. Although I have decided to keep the socks for myself instead of giving them away. 

I've got plans for cleaning tomorrow since we're not going anywhere.  In fact I don't intend to go anywhere until Monday morning when we head up north to see the doctor for Zach's anemia.  I'm really tired of not feeling productive and on those days when I have to run errands or such, I don't feel productive at all.  I really need to start organizing the house better and getting rid of the clutter.

I've decided not to have a garden since we're not going to grow tobacco anymore.  The crop we produced ended up with mold because we have too much moisture in the air and Tom didn't dry it out soon enough.  Plus it's a lot of work and takes up a lot of space.  Veg isn't that expensive in the stores compared to the joy of having my backyard back again without the pets getting tangled in the plants and solar lights.  So we'll till it up and plant grass seed instead and if I need anything I can just do a container garden.  But I'd rather focus on flowers and making the yard and house look nicer. And we need to paint the house again either this summer or next.  I'd love to put siding on so we can insulate it better but as we also need a new roof that we can't afford, we absolutely can't afford siding, too.

Home ownership is expensive.

I need to get Professor's weight down as he's having trouble hopping up on the ottomans to get on the couch or bed lately.  He woke me up this morning because he couldn't get back in bed.  I think part of the problem is with the curtains closed he can't get a running start to get up there and he's too rotund to just hop up on them.  I've cut back on his food but I also need to walk him more.  But I have to wait on the weather for that.

Well, time to fix supper.  Pizza casserole tonight.  Zach's been asking for it and I need to use up the pepperoni so it sounds like a good meal.  That may be all the energy I have left though.  I'll have to finish up the laundry tomorrow. I just can't face those basement stairs tonight.


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