Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Return of an unwelcome visitor

I did something to my back again.  Night before last, after making up the bed, I reached down to pick up the pillows and ended up nearly on the floor.  Luckily the ottoman was right there so I landed on it and stayed there for a while.  It's the exact same spot it always is, darn it.  Fortunately Tom was there and picked up the pillows for me and admonished me to favor it for a few days and not make up the couch until the soreness is gone.

So the bed is still made up.  I'm not in any real pain, but it's still a bit sore so I'm continuing to pamper my back. Although I did take a load of clothes downstairs tonight without any pain.  And will bring up a load, too.  But just one.  I can do more laundry tomorrow, but I need socks so I had to get some done tonight.

I've been working away on the Tree of Life afghan, the cover for Zach's desk, the dvd case and the bamboo patterned socks.  Unfortunately I ended up with an uneven number as I was narrowing for the toes so I'm tinking back until I find out where I made my mistake.  It's beginning to look like the first row.  My brain is returning so I plan on getting back to Zach's sweater, too.  Very soon.

I also dug out my pencils, sketch pads and art books so I can get back to drawing again.  I have to nearly start from scratch since it's been so long.  You have to train your muscles to function and then rely a bit on muscle memory.  My muscle memory is short term, unfortunately.  I need to build back up.  But I also need a place to draw.  The couch isn't good because the living room is very dark.  I might use the dining table but that would involve actually keeping it clear, which is a monumental task.  Still, I have to come up with some place that has room for my sketch pads, pencils and such...and has lighting.

I plan on going to bed after supper tonight as I'm not getting much sleep at all.  Mostly it's just waking up and not being able to get back to sleep but it's also a dog with a tiny bladder who thinks he needs to go out every few hours at night but can hold it for 8 hours during the day.  I got up twice with him this morning between 7:30 and 9:30.  I did go back to bed but Tom is coming down with a cold and his sneezes can shatter windows so I didn't sleep past him waking up today.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make up the couch again and get some motivation to clean the rest of the house.  Zach's appointment is next Monday up in Fond du Lac, which is weighing on my mind very heavily.  I'll be glad when it's over and hope it's the last time I have to go up there in a long while.

Off to fix supper and then to bed.  I think I could fall asleep at the stove tonight.


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