Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Too tired, too achy and too annoyed

I'm feeling marginally better today.  At least the sinus headache is in abeyance, but I'm tired beyond measure and my throat hurts.  And I had to go to town twice today.  Last night I bought a new glucometer because I talked to my mother and found out not only is she now diabetic but her kidneys might be failing and being diabetic myself, I got a bit scared.  Well, more than a bit.  My old glucometer isn't working so I got a new one and new test strips only to find out it didn't work.  So I got up early today to take it back to the store only to find out once I got there and was reading the box, that you can't return them to the store.  You have to call the company.  Drat!

So I picked up another meter, hoping this one works.  I'll be mighty pissed if it doesn't.

So I walked in the door and my son greeted me with news that I had something in at the library.  I had forgotten my phone which I re-charged last night because TracFone sent me a stupid text message which activated my phone and wore the battery down, the dillweeds!  It was a movie that is in high demand so I went back to pick it up and while I was there, just stopped by Shopko to get some more Doan's pills for Tom's back.  It's the only thing that works when he gets a flare up and StuffMart hasn't re-stocked in over 3 months.  I just took the last three boxes at Shopko.  I'm wondering if they won't re-stock either.

While there I picked up a medic alert necklace, which I've been trying to find at a reasonable cost on the internet.  For some reason they cost upward of $30 because of the engraving.  This one is specifically diabetic alert and alerts the medical care to a card in my wallet to talk about my medication.

I mean to get serious about this diabetes.  And lose the weight.  Although that didn't go well today because I'm so very tired.

I have to get a load of clothes washed because Tom is out of t-shirts for work, but he didn't send any of his laundry down to the basement so there is only one shirt in the wash.  I put some of mine in there he can wear if he has to.  They're men's shirts anyway.  I have to get men's sizes to fit my humongous arm that is swollen from lymphedema.  I'll get the clothes in the dryer but that's it.  I'll bring them up tomorrow because as soon as I finish fixing supper, I'm going to bed.  I am seriously wiped out from this cold.

I also bought gas on my second trip to town.  Tom told me the price was going to go up again tonight, after it went up 8 cents yesterday in between the time it took to go up to Fond du Lac and the time I got home.  But I was too late.  An hour later gas was another 6 cents higher.  This really pisses me off considering it's all because of speculators driving the prices up on purpose. 

We are absolutely going to have to limit our trips to town from now on.  I can't afford to spend $75 to fill up the tank once a week.

And once again tonight I won't be knitting.  Partly because this cold has me full of aches and pains and I'm hurting too much to hold the needles.  But I might get some more reading in.  I am making good progress on Our Troth and will definitely open up Rituals of the Dark Moon tonight.  I think I still have some brain cells left to comprehend it.

And so I"m off to finish up the spaghetti.  Zach will make the garlic bread but I'm too tired to eat.


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