Friday, February 3, 2012

I will clean tomorrow

I slept late this morning.  Not easy to do with the dog demanding to go out but as I had let him out at 4 a.m. he was okay holding it until I got up. And used his puppy pads, thankfully.  While it did help to sleep late, I was still dragging today.  No energy whatsoever.  I fixed us a good breakfast using the point calculator on the WW website.  I ordered both of us a pocket calculator but in the meantime I have to use the one online.  Very inconvenient though.

So breakfast (at around 1 p.m.) was an scrambled egg with half a piece of cheese melted on top, laid on top of a toasted whole grain English muffin with a teaspoon of reduced calorie margarine and two pieces of turkey bacon.  Seven points.  A quite substantial breakfast.  We weren't hungry again until around 5:30 but the kitchen was still a disaster from the other day and I just couldn't cook in there until it was clean so we figured up our points, went to McSnacky's for a salad with chicken.  Then we stopped by StuffMart and picked up a few WW meals that I could pop in the microwave this weekend while I'm trying to organize the house into a place where I can see floors and counters and such. 

I got a bit antsy and dug into the freezer for 3 Hershey's kisses with almonds.  I don't feel guilty at all.  It got me through a bad spot.  I'm still not excited about this.  I've done this before and failed at it but this time Zach's health is on the line so I have no choice.  I have to succeed.

We were sitting in a booth, eating our salads when I realized I didn't have a bra on.  For most people this isn't a big issue but my left boob was at home in my bra.  I really hate wearing the bras because they're not comfortable, the prosthesis (the only one I could afford since the insurance company applies it to the deductible, which means I would have to pony up $450 for 2 mastectomy bras and a prosthesis, which looked exactly like the one I got for $40) isn't comfortable at all.  It's weighted foam and a bit rigid.  It digs into my armpit area making my muscle there a bit sore.  So I go without a lot, but only at home.  I just plain forgot to put it on before we left.  Happily I didn't care.  It wasn't glaringly noticeable in my sweatshirt so I just enjoyed my salad and we sat there for conversation for about an hour.

I might do it again.  Soon.  On purpose.

I had to pick up my metformin tonight, which is another reason we ate out again but I will have to stay home the rest of the weekend and play catch up on the house and laundry.  I think Tom will be back on Sunday so I'd like to be able to enjoy a clean house for at least a day before he brings all his stuff home.

So I think I'll hop into bed now, knit for a bit and then go to sleep early.  I'm sleepy enough to do that.



Carol said...

I will clean tomorrow is what I say everyday. I am a master procrastinator. For mastectomy things, have you checked out TLC online? I believe it's, very reasonably priced items. I got a silicone prosthesis there that is realistic and really comfortable, and that's where I buy my bras. Our little town has none of those supplies.

Good luck with the diet - I think it's largely a matter of retrining your eating habits, in which case it should get easier and easier, right?

Kathy said...

It's my mantra. LOL

Thanks for the link. I will definitely look into that. I wore my silicone prosthesis until it was 60% duct tape. It was definitely more comfortable than this foam one. Breast prostheses shouldn't cost so much that women are forced to stuff socks in their bras.

One of my problems with dieting is I'm an emotional eater. Another problem is biological. Most people can't lose weight and keep it off because the fat cells become organs when they've been large for too long and excrete a hormone that tells the body it's starving if they shrink too much. I will have to resign myself to fighting that the rest of my life, I guess.

knittingdragonflies said...

I had to laugh when I read the title of this post.

Kathy said...

LOL, Vicki. What's even funnier is I could use that same title today. Since I didn't get it done. :)