Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And so I did

...take the day off, that is.

I did have errands to run, though, and was thoroughly wiped out by the time I got home.  I seriously must do something about my stamina.  Sleep would be a good start.  I received another getmeoutofbed phone call today.  The third one this week in which no one was on the other end of the call.  Getting a bit tired of this.

I maintained what I had gotten done and did get another load of clothes upstairs and one in the dryer, but aside from that and fixing supper, did nothing.  And I like it.

I am dreading making up the bed every night but maybe if I don't try to do it all in one go it might not hurt as much.  My back was really aching by the time I was able to crawl into bed.  I may just leave the bed made up tomorrow and see how bad it is.  It's not like we're having company or anything.

It was warm again today.  I paid the utility bill (electricity and gas) and it was the lowest it has been for a January ever.  Around $120.  For both.  And it's that's including the space heater in the foyer trying to dry out the front door.  To celebrate, I turned the heat back up to 60 today, but with all the layers we wear, it's almost too warm.  I could peel some off but why?

I did some knitting last night on the cover for Zach's desk.  It's all I can concentrate on lately.  And so will continue until I can concentrate on my other projects.  Soon, I hope.  I am crawling out of the pit of depression but it's taking it's sweet time.  I'll get there...eventually.

But for now, I'm going to make up the bed while the barbeque chicken cooks in the toaster oven. I'm making baked potatoes, too, but Zach and I will split one.  They're keeping warm on top with some foil over them.  And maybe some broccoli to go with it.  I was pretty good today and hope to be better tomorrow.  Zach's lost 11 pounds.  I haven't started yet so I'm not weighing myself.


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